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Teehee! :

Thanks, Jeanie. i will pick up San Francisco "t"s for everyone at Chinatown whilst we take the trolley rides.. Teehee!

Food? Wow??? i am pretty bad with food, as i don't even like those unless it is JUNK food!!!

What about some spicy Thai food to go?

Can't wait for your arrival!!!

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YAY We're picking Shir. up !!!! Woohoooo
MmmmMmMMmMMmm That food sounds yummy!!!

's Sam
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Iceland sounds pretty good, to me. Its 99, today and we're expecting 101, tomorrow.
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I heard the news tonight! Mr. Cat was spotted in my favorite place in the world, a beautyful walley in the north-east part of Iceland. I'm not surprised, the warmest place of the country today, allmost 70F (19C, anyway).
I live in the south-west part, so we have to drive a bit...
But thats ok, we have stores here, and they sell Pepsi and Coke! And if they are closed, we just find a small mountain river, there is usually water there!
When will you come and pick me up???
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Do you have Oreos, in Iceland? Maybe, we should stock up. I like the ones, with chocolate creme. Better get some Hershey Kisses and dark choclate KitKats, too.
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Yes, I've been over here in Iceland for a while — studying the island's culture and history. When you arrive at the airport in Reykjavik, look for this sculpture on the pile of rocks.

Go in the direction indicated by the egg; and keep following this road.

When, after a time, you see this pile of rocks you'll be near where I'm staying.

Welcome to my humble abode! I'm sorry about the clutter, but the landlord is supposed to clear all that away any day now.

My friend Björk Guðmundsdóttir will show you around until I get back from the nearby mountain, which will be presently.

Anyway, here's a bit of Icelandic history for you: According to scholars, Irish monks were the first humans to see the island. (I'm hoping they didn't actually have to stand up the whole time, as in this illustration.) Then came Vikings, who settled there.

You can see from this map of Iceland that it's best to think twice before going for a swim off the coast.

Here below is a cartoon history of Iceland, beginning with Chapter Two. It seems Chapter One has been lost to the inter-net. I know the print is a bit squinty, so I'll understand if you skip over this part.

To be continued!

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Do u think Iceland will have those oreo's that are backwards? MMMMMM, I one the other day, thats all I could wisk away from the cookie monster.

I love San Fran!!! Can we visit Haight&Ashbury corner, My mum said she had fun there back in the sixtes...I hpoe because the food was/is soo good!!!!!

Wiat, did we already leave for Iceland????? How come nobody tells me? I won't complain as long as I get Bjork all to myself....I have many pending questions in mind that go back to adolescense for her. Hopefully, after having them answered I'll move into adulthood and then maybe, maybe drive.
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There your are Mr. Cat! I was sure you were in the north-east, I found some people who were travelling there, so you can see what the place looks like, I don´t know them, but they look nice...

This is a good place for Mr. Cat

But, not to worry, well, not much at least, we have Oreo´s but only with white creme in between, well I think so anyway, maybe I better go to the shop and check it they have more kinds.

And about Björk, I can answer some questions, like who was one of the neighbours to her father (me!), but she lived with her mother, so I didn´t get to know her much, but a little bit though. I would find it very easy to answer questions about this neighbour though!!!

Hmmmm... how can Oreo´s be backwards???
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You know chocolate in the middle and white cookies.....MmmmmmMmmmmMmm
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Pollyanna! Do you know the way to that pile of rocks where Mr. Cat is living? I guess he lost his credit card. I know he's very fond of Bjork, and will try to get here to meet us, but I can't find her anywhere. Hop in the van and look at his map, please. I'm worried about his err ummm-- accomodations!

I'd love to see your favorite spot. Is 70 degrees normal weather for Iceland? We'll pick you up in a matter of minutes. The pictures of the rocks are amazing! They're huge! Do you suppose that troll could be for real? Did you see Mr. Cat in that huge cave? I hope so, because the accomodations in his picture were really primitive!

We could use some extra tasty treats for the way! Calorie free, of course. I'm pulling out now! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH! Darned bus almost hit us! What side of the road is right now? Right? Sam. did you fall on the floor again? Cindy, you were in the back seat a minute ago. I hope you didn't smash the Oreos. Chees!

Dali, you know we're in a magical van. We already picked up Shirley, and had to rush, because we heard from Mr. Cat and Pollyanna! Have some of that good Thai take out, and pass the Oreos, please. Thanks for the goodies, Pollyanna. These backwards Oreos are much better than the other kind. I hope we find some roadside restaurants, too.

Oh, Dali, we'll be sure to take some sightseeing time in San Francisco on our way home. I love that city too!
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Welcome, everyone, to my little sod hut! It's quite comfy in here, actually (especially with Björk about the premises).

Thank you, Pollyanna, for that lovely picture-tour! So, should we all head on over there?

Let's all pile into my Trabant and go! Or, we could take the horses instead (they'd be faster).

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wow, I fell asleep in the back, and missed all the action... any Oreo's left for me?

I can't wait to meet Bjork!

And by the way, Pollyanna, Iceland looks absolutely amazing!

but, Im freeeezzzzzing... did anyone bring an extra coat? (no fur, please!):icecream:
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Indeed, Björk wants you all to meet her daughter Isadora. She has a teen-age son as well, but this little girl is a very-recent arrival.

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what a precious little baby!
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Awwww easy on the driving some of US are getting thrown round in the back, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhh another corner...
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Well, Mr. Cat said we could ride horses! Anyone up for it? It should be fun. And don't worry, nunny; we're going to the warmest part of Iceland. Pollyanna said so.

Of course we can ride in Mr. Cat's Tribant if we want to. I want to ride one of the horses he brought us. That way I can see more of the scenery. Now, if someone would give me a leg up..... Oh, Sam, you're still dizzy. We'll wait for you. (I'd hate to see Sam on a roller coaster. Imagine someone thinking I'm a fast driver!)
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I want to ride a horsie!!!!!!here Sam you hold my pepsi,well I do,AND don't drink it!
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Please slow down... don´t forget these are gravel roads, even though it is Highway One...And look out for all the sheeps on the road too! This will end in a real disaster if you drive that fast AND enjoy the scenery AND look out for the sheeps AND look out for the traffic from the other direction...well as you can see, the road is just broad enough for 2 cars - if you are careful!

It is a bit colder today, between 50 and 60 F, so maybe we should stop at the next hand craft market and all buy us a wollen sweather. 70F is very hot for Iceland and to have that for many days is just heaven. Where we are going has the most days of 70F of the summer, so I´m sure Mr. Cat has chosen this place for his stay. And honestly, 70F in Iceland IS warmer than 70F in USA!!! (But the mean heat in tha country in July, the warmest month is maybe 54F)

Could you pass me the dried fish, its reeaaaaaly good, dont you think? Especally with butter....mmmmmmmmmmmm........
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Originally posted by Jeanie
Of course we can ride in Mr. Cat's Tribant if we want to. I want to ride one of the horses he brought us. That way I can see more of the scenery
Decisions... decisions...
Do I want to ride a horse or do I want to ride in a Tribant???? And what is a tribant anyway?
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Hold Pepsi NEVER!!!!!!! Yep, and I don't mind riding horses my Nana breeds them and I used to do lessons .. I hate roller coasters EeeeeeK

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Don't worry about the cold, nunny: I've rounded up warm clothing for everyone! Let's start off with underwear. (Notice I didn't put a comma after "start" in that last sentence.)

Cashmere/lamb's-wool underwear, made in Iceland

Next, some nice warm socks:

Wool socks, made in Iceland

The next, logical, part is problematic: Apparently nobody wears trousers in Iceland. At least there's no finding "trousers made in Iceland" on the inter-net. So, until we figure out what they do wear, here's a picture of a gal in a somewhat-warmer climate — who's wearing trousers of the jeans variety.

Your friend and mine, Britney Spears

Moving right along, let's think about sweaters. Here's a button-front cardigan:

Wool cardigan sweater, made in Iceland

Or, if you prefer, here's a pull-over sweater:

Woolen pull-over sweater, made in Iceland

How about footwear? Here are some boots:

Felt boots, made in Iceland

Depending upon the weather, you might want a coat. Here are three kinds:

Woolen pull-over coats with hoods, made in Iceland

Woolen coats, made in Iceland

Woolen coat, made in Iceland

You might want a hat, too.

Wool hat, made in Iceland

A scarf might be nice as well.

Wool scarf, made in Iceland

And don't forget to wear your mittens!

Woolen mittens, made in Iceland

Now we've got all that covered, so to speak (except for the trousers part), here's the deal on transportation. Some of us can go in my little Trabant:

But whomever wishes, can go on horseback. Here come the horses now!

These Icelandic horses don't mind cold weather, as you can see here:

Our guides are quite good with the horses, so there's no need to worry.

Björk will be coming along with us, bringing a friend.

And I think we're going to meet this fellow:

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Fabulaus! now Im warm AND fashionable

I look just like Britney! (NOT!)
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I'm all bundled up and ready to go. Now all I have to do is decide which horse I want to ride. They're all so pretty...


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I have to ask something:

who/what is that thing under Bjork?

Could this a clue to a new mistery? (like, who is the person inside? did aliens take over Iceland?)
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I'm alerigic to wool, maybe I could cut up those felt boots and make a cute outfit.

Bjork is holding an owl........a clue, huh. But what could it mean......maybe something will happen at night with Miss.Kitty and the owl will be our eyes???????
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Actualy I meant the picture under Bjork, but now that you mention it...
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I was just going to tell you what a Trabant was--ahem--(yeah, right!) but Mr. Cat has shown a picture, and that is worth a thousand words! I LOVE the clothes! I'm slightly allergic to wool, but not when I'm on a road trip, fortunately. Dali, I hate to tell you this, but felt is also wool. Try on a sweater; after all this is a magical trip.

We could certainly go four-wheeling in that Tribant, but it's a bit small for all of us. Let's take turns following Mr. Cat on horseback-unless we want to take the TCS van too. It does have the trailer for litter. We can take turns with that, too. I'm anxious to discover what that "thing" is under Bjork! Do you know, Pollyanna?

Perhaps there ARE some clues here! This is getting very mysterious! Who knows what might be hiding in those cliffs and caves! I can't wait! Are we all mounted? NO, Lorie! Mr. Cat did NOT say "Off with the clothes! He said, "First off," (pause for the comma) "the clothes!" You'll freeze to death. Are we all ready? Pollyanna, are you riding with Mr. Cat to lead the way, and tell us what to look for?

Don't worry; he's an animal lover and will be very careful not to harm the sheep. Is it common for them to wander across the road?
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I want the goldeny chestnutty colored horse in the middle , I shall call him Lorenzo
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The one on the picture benieth Björk is a typical native Icelander...
Well, actually, I am just as puzzled as the rest of you about the picture. We have elfes (not small elfes, different kind, beautyful people living in big rocks that can only be seen by humans when they want to) and fairies, but that is something else...

And YES unfortunately it is very common for the sheeps to wander across the streets! You have to be extra careful when tha mommy sheep and the lambs are eating grass on seperate side of the road, because when you are almost passing, the lambs tend to run across the road to their mom.

And the Trabant WOW! I have never seen a jeep Trabant and also never a convertible one! We will have to leave it closed though, if we are going to eat something else than dust. We used to have quite a lot of Trabants here, but not anymore, I quess they´ve all gone back to Russia...

Hey, there´s a thought, it is a slight detour, but we are trawelling so magically fast...Why don´t we drive to the Blue Lagoon, there is also a restaurant there, so we can stay there for dinner, and even stay the night if you don´t want to go to the camping place.

Take a look at the Blue Lagoon

Oh, and one more thing...Mr. Cat, if the Icelandic cats start to talk to you, just say your name is Brandur, a typical name for an Icelandic cat, otherwise they will maybe be shy, they have never seen a cat from another country...

And please pass me one of those backwards Oreos, I´m so excited to try them...
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