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Road Trip to Find Mr. Cat! Who's Coming? - Page 7

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Good point, there, Cindy!

How about we go visit far far places?
I would love to go see some wild life in Australia or New Zealand. What do you think?

I heard there are some animals we can rescue!

(it actually depend what kind of pictures does Mr. Cat have... Personally - I can't wait to see the naxt story!!)
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YES!! My Homeland NZ, Good Idea
Can we Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease stop and get something to eat I'm hungry...
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Sam. since we're back in the van, I'm worried about the condition of the food back there. Oh, here's a treat! Dry and stale soda crackers! Help yourself until we magically land in another exotic location!
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PLease, please - NO VEGEMITE!!!!
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True Cindy , We brought too much it's going to my

No, stale food either , Says Sam as she starts chewing an old shoe ...
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I have a bag of the new Hershey's Kisses - milk chocolate with toffee chips!
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I just found some moldy cheese under the car seat. I'm sure it's been there since our Christmas road trip.

It would go great with the soda crackers! Would anyone care for a slice????
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Gee, Lorie, we appreciate the offer, but I think I'll have the Hershey's kisses until we find a restaurant! We can't go far though, because we don't want to lose Mr. Cat again! Keep your eyes open for a good restaurant. Remember, no cost! We have our credit cards! (MOLDY CHEESE?)
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Presently, Mr. Cat is napping. But he shall be with you soon.

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Anyone for Brownie crums?... (I still have some!!)
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Jeanie, pay attention to your DRIVING, we're about to crash into that semi!!!!!!!

Eeeeekkkkkkkk!!!!! Eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!!!!!! Eeeeekkkkkkk!!!!
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I missed him, Lorie! What are you worried about? Now, let's see, what side of the road am I supposed to drive on? Would someone please try to wake up Sam and ask her! Unconscious? Hmmmmm, I wonder how that happened. Welllll.... I'll just drive on whichever side no one else is using. That makes sense. Anyone spot a restaurant?
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I think it is the left! Move over!I don't care where we eat,as long as they have a bathroom,and serve pepsi!!!!!
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HA, HA I found the oreo"s!!!!!!
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I know a recipe using stale crackers and dirt, it tastes just like stale crackers and dirt, but if we don't find food soon I'm making some.
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ROTFL! Don't worry. We're bound to see a 5 star restaurant soon. Hey, guys! There's Ayers Rock! How in the world did we get out here? We're hundreds of miles from the Reef! Get your cameras out! It's one of the natural wonders of the world. There has to be a restaurant around here, because millions of people drive this far just to look at it!

I wish I had pictures, but take a look at this travel brochure. Now I'm glad we got off track! My gosh, it's HUGE ! Anyone want to climb it? Then we have our choice of restaurants!
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Jeanie, I was reading my "Travelers Guide For Nervous BackSeat Drivers" book and it says you should drive just like they do in England. BTW, you're going 125 mph again. How are we supposed to recoginize(sp?) good places to eat??? Everything keeps rushing by so fast!!!
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Lori D was I right? on the left?
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I guess that's how we got here this fast! Thanks for the explanation, Lorie!

Sherral, right is wrong.
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And left is right!
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You're right about left being right, and of course, right is wrong! I get it. I'm just a bit tired from climbing Ayers rock. I think I must have fallen asleep for a while. Well, should we pull in to that restaurant with all the crystal chandeliers? I could go for a steak dinner! MMM, and baked potato with sour cream, and a salad, and oh, what should I have for dessert? Oh, now I'm really hungry! Let's go in. Sam, no more stale crackers!
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cheese cake with cherrys!
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I'll take mine with strawberries! Oh, and did I mention that I want that steak smothered with mushrooms? If Mr. Cat doesn't soon come, we might have lost him. We can look for him anywhere in the world. Any ideas? We are missing quite a few of our friends. Anyone know where they might be? We'd better stock up on food and decide where to search!
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Okay, I heard one of our friends are hiding out in a big Ice-Hotel in Iceland! Should we go look for them there? You think Mr. cat might be there as well?
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I'm trying to reach a friend of ours in Iceland to find out it she has seen anyone! I hope so!
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Would you ride me to see PollyAnna from Iceland? i am in San Francisco. :

Smiles and Cheers!
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Shirley, We'd be happy to pick you up! We have a special van-designed by Kim Ward- that would get us there overnight. I'm trying to reach Pollyana to see if she'll be our guide. I hope she gets the message. We've lost Mr. Cat and some of our friends, so keep your eyes open!

Bring something good to eat too! All of our food on the trip is calorie free! Oh, I'm looking forward to being in San Francisco again, even if it's just long enough to pick you up. Maybe we can take a trolley ride!

Oh, and do us a favor, will you? Check with the seismologists, and make sure there are no suspicious vibrations!
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YES YES YES Bring something good to eat ( Says Sam as she wakes up with an oreo stuck to her face ) , I'm sick of moldy vegemite crackers and flat pepsi waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh REAL FOOD ( like Pizza ) Please..................... Icleand sounds cool
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Sam. I'm SURE Iceland is cool! Good one!
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hehehehe, so where are we at present ( Im a bit disorinatated(sp?) all this yucky!!! pepsi is getting too my head )
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