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Guys, don't be so silly! Jurassic Park was only a movie. I found a nest with some eggs in it, and I found a nice warm place here on the boat to keep it in.
I want to see what hatches!
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Lorie, Tell me you're kidding! Didn't you see the size of those animals?
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Nope. I didn't see anything.
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91 bottles of beer in the van 91 bottles of beer take one down and pass it around 90 bottles of beer in the van
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90 bottles of beer in the van 90 bottles of beer take one down and pass it around 89 bottles of beer in the van
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89 bottles of beer in the van 89 bottles of beer take one down and pass it around 88 bottles of beer in the van
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I gotta pee..........
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Hmmm, what to do, what to do----Maybe Lhezzza could soothe the savage beasts... Let's drop her off back at the island. She thinks she's still in the van!
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Originally posted by Lhezzza
I gotta pee..........
I'm not surprised - after all of that beer. Maybe we should have hung onto that huge litter box!
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Oh look, someone smashed ALL the eggs in the nest except for one, and it just hatched!
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Safely back aboard ship, Miss Kitty reflects on the exciting events of the day. She wonders what sort of place they have come to.

She is soon joined by one of the ship's officers, who begins to unburden himself. The strange sights on shore have left him with many questions of his own.

Miss Kitty listens intently as the officer describes the joys of, um, scientific discovery. She then asks him about the "strange parcel" which was brought aboard by the landing party.

At first insisting he is not at liberty to discuss the matter, the officer soon weakens under Miss Kitty's relentless (shall we say) scientific questions.

At last he tells Miss Kitty about the eggs Lorie D. found whilst ashore. Miss Kitty is overcome by scientific curiosity when the officer divulges the fact that one of the eggs has hatched, revealing an animal never before seen by the scientific community.

The officer hastily returns to the on-board science laboratory, whilst Miss Kitty ponders the implications on society which will be brought to bear via new-found knowledge. Perhaps, she thinks, she is witnessing a wonderful scientific breakthrough.

Suddenly. . . .

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Oh no! I knew something was weird about that Island!!!

And now - we're out of Pepsi, Lhezzza really needs to pee, we have a little Barney on board - and Miss Kitty has been kidnapped!!! people, we need to brain-storm to see how to go from here!
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Brain storm??????
Well, we could try.... And if that doesn't work we could....
How should I know what to do?????????
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We have to go back to the island! Those natives were wearing some sort of ceremonial paint on their bodies and faces. Miss Kitty is in grave danger! We'll wait until it's completely dark, and --no! We can't wait. I hear the beat of drums. Let's follow the sound. You go first, Lorie! We're right behind you. No singing Lhezzza; we mustn't be detected. Shhhhhhhhh!
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Why do I have to go first? Why can't someone else go first?????????????? Can't Lhezzza go first? It isn't very likely she'll ever notice!!!!!!!!!!!

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Okay, I'll go first...
Tell my mom I loved her!!
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Hey guys, can you keep it quiet back there? we will get discovered...

I'm scared!
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Miss Kitty is being mistreated by the islanders! We've got to hurry to her rescue!

They're tying her between two columns on a platform! What are their intentions?

I can see Miss Kitty is terrified! If only we were there to help her!

There's something out there, in the jungle, coming toward her! I've got a bad feeling about this.

Good grief! What monster is this? What will happen to Miss Kitty?

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Not to worry - gorillas are herbivorous. Throw him a bunch (a BIG bunch) of bananas!
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Oh thank goodness it's ONLY a gorilla!!!! When Mr. Cat said a monester was running around I thought he was talking about our unusual little creature's mother!!!!!

nuuny, you and the others go ahead and try to rescue Miss Kitty. I would go along and help, but I just can't, I'm really much too busy....
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We'll never get there in time! Miss Kitty could to be killed! Lori, look at the size of that gorilla! One wrong step and she's squashed! We couldn't rescue her if we tried; we have no weapons. Will you run back and tell the Captain what's going on? We'll stay here and ....I know! Lhezzza can sing and soothe the savage beast and we'll throw him some bananas. They'd better be BIG bananas, though!
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Jeanie, I found some torches! Let's use them to scare the gorilla away from Miss Kitty so she can be rescued!!! And then we can use the bananas to lure him back into the jungle!

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Okay, I found a big pile of peanuts back there, I will give it to the ape, that should keep it busy for like.... 2 minutes!!!

In the meantime - we will go release Miss Kitty - and run like maniacs to the ship!!!

Ready, guys?

As a distraction, I suggest Lhezzza will kep on singing!

worst come to worst, well climb the tree and jump on its head! Lorie D - I think you are the right person to do that!
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Originally posted by nunny
worst come to worst, well climb the tree and jump on its head! Lorie D - I think you are the right person to do that!
Oh gee, nunny, thanks!!! (just teasing)
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Don't worry, Lorie, I will come with you!
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We did it!!!! We did it!!!!! Miss Kitty is SAFE!!!!
But now Mr. Cat is gone!!!! Where in the world could he be?????

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I think I just saw Mr. Cat!

Mr. Cat? are you there? We saved Miss Kitty!!! Thnks to Lorie D's courage and good witts!

I wonder, what next? what adventures await us?...
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Perhaps the captain of the boat will help us with both problems. Let's ask him if he has seen Mr. Cat lately, and where the next port of call is. We can't leave Mr. Cat behind! Nunny, did he say where he was going?
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Thank you, one and all, for saving Miss Kitty! Your bravery in chasing off that big ape was heroic indeed!

Yes, Miss Kitty is safe; and so am I. Let me review the most recent events.

Whilst you were distracting the giant ape, Miss Kitty's boyfriend (the ship's officer seen in earlier photographs) helped get her back safely aboard.

Here we see Miss Kitty pondering her fate, whilst in the grip of the ape. At this point, she was still in an initial state of shock.

While you folks were keeping the giant ape busy, photographs of which bravery are unfortunately not yet available, Miss Kitty and the ship's officer jumped off the cliff and into the river below. They swam some distance down the river, to gain distance on the big animal.

Then ensued hours of running through the jungle to the island's coast. Adrenalin is all that kept them going during this time.

At last, safety aboard ship! Every single crew member was greatly relieved; and a landing party was put ashore to extract all of you (we await your description of events).

Back home in New York city, Miss Kitty embarked upon a very-active social life. She is seen here, with her fiance, attending one in a string of high-society events.

Now married, the happy couple decide to engage in those blissful activities traditionally associated with matrimony. They take a room in a nice hotel downtown.

However, the giant ape has developed a certain (shall we say) fondness for human females. He swam all the way to New York and has been stalking Miss Kitty.

Just when everything had appeared to be happy and pleasant, in walks the big ape! Miss Kitty is not especially glad to see him.

Once again, she is kidnapped by the ape! He takes her to the Empire State building, where he finally comes to his senses and says good-bye — returning from whence he came.

Arriving in the nick of time with military and police rescue squads, Miss Kitty's husband comforts her. She later told me she actually enjoyed the view from up there!

Eventually, Miss Kitty (seen here with me at a seaside resort) gets on with her life. I've made it a point to take her under my wing whenever her husband is on long sea voyages.

Some things never change! Now, where are those car keys?

"You should have looked there first, Dad! Now let's get back home and get changed so we can meet my husband's ship when it docks this evening."

Still, in quiet moments, Miss Kitty's memories thrust her back into the island jungle. Fortunately, she's learning to shut off these lapses back in time.

I only hope she'll continue to deal forthrightly with those recollections of that trauma; and your continued support, via your regular visits here, is something she cherishes. And so it goes.

Thank you again, folks, for all your help in rescuing Miss Kitty! Where shall we go next?

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How come, WE do all of the work, chasing off the ape and SHE gets the guy?
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