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Originally posted by sherral46
LOL No Debby he don't! SHHHHHHH! no telling!!
I won't tell, I swear...as long as you give me some too!
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Originally posted by sherral46
Sam You bring your coke I'll bring my PEPSI and the chicken wings and New York Cheesecake,W/cherry's for the topping!
Yummy !!!!!!!
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Where are all my road trip buddies ?
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Not to worry, WellingtonCats, we're all present and accounted for! It's just that some of us have wandered off on personal sight-seeing trips, the better to take in all the grandeur of our surroundings.

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93 bottles of beer in the van 93 bottles of beer take one down and pass it around 92 bottles of beer in the van
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92 bottles of beer in the van 92 bottles of beer take one down and pass it around 91 bottles of beer in the van
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where is our distinguished driver? did she jump to the water again?

Jeanie? We miss you here!
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Hi, here I am! What an experience! Lhezzza, are you still singing? (Would someone please dump that beer; I think she's had enough!) No, not in the water! We'll have singing fish! Let's take a drive. Anyone want to take a side trip while we wait for Mr. Cat? I think he's touring New Zealand,--or he might be hunting dragons. Are there any clues to help us find Miss Kitty?
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Awww I'm running out of coke
We better make a quick stop to get some more ...
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I'm glad you mentioned Miss Kitty, as I've just received a report from the private investigator I'd hired to help find her. It seems she recently met a man in a cafe:

Apparently they discussed some serious matter:

And then it would seem they reached an agreement:

I've no idea what they're planning, but I'm having Miss Kitty followed. I'll keep you informed.

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Can we pull over I need to use "the litter box"?
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Sure. Let's all go in that restaurant ahead. We need a break from driving. Oh, my, look at the breakfast special, vegemite and toast!

Hey, does this cafe look familiar to anyone else???? Could it be the same one????? HMMMMM..(Passes out magnifying glasses and deerstalker hats)
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No, we need a break from JEANIE'S driving! She's given me more gray hair, than Mark has!

If all this cafe has is Vegemite, it's a good thing that I stocked up on Snickers with almonds. Bring the Vegemite, though, in case we blow a radiator hose - it'll make a good sealant.
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At the risk of being stupid, what is vegemite? (Please be kind to the ignorant)

So the food is free, and fabulous? I want shrimp on the bar-b. I've been craving those little cockroaches of the sea.

that and we can bring some back to the pusses!

So I heard that my Licorice has a namesake downunder? Two tiny little black tasty treats..........uuuuuuummmmmmmmm!!!
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Should we stay at the cafe and ask some questions about Miss Kitty while 55Dali tries the special? (I hope Kumbulu isn't listening, but vegemite is a molasses looking, yeasty tasting, spread that the Aussies like to eat!! Can you imagine?)

Oh, hi, Kumbulu, I'm just introducing 55Dali to the joys of vegemite!!
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We have to stop.............I am out of pepsi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Is it sweet or bready? I was thinking veggie but guess that's way off. My mom is from down there, she moved to the US, for college, I should ask her what it's like.

MMMMMMM, my shrimp were good, however, they way they were aranged on the plate was odd. Think it's a clue??
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I don't really know, because, as everyone here supects, I don't believe it exists! Those who love it, really love it, and those who don't, think it's awful!

Can you remember how the shrimp were arranged? This may be important!
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The private investigator has tracked Miss Kitty to a ship down at the port. He's gone aboard, disguised as a crew member; and I'm going to follow along in another, smaller craft.

These pictures, dropped overboard in a waterproof floatation capsule by the private investigator and picked up by me, still don't give me a clue as to what Miss Kitty is becoming involved in. Here, she appears to be making some sort of screen test.

After several days of continuous sailing, it would appear we're nearing a landfall. Miss Kitty seems to be at ease with the situation, whatever it is.

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Can we go on the boat with Miss Kitty? Cause if we're on the boat, Jeanie isn't driving!! Someone slip some knockout pills in her soda, please!!! If you can't pass the margaritas.
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Sure, bren.1, you can all come aboard the ship! I've cleared it with the captain. Mind, I don't know what their destination is; but I'm sure it'll be fun!


I'll have to wear a clever disguise so that my daughter doesn't recognize me.
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does this boat have pepsi ??? I need a pepsi,to keep going!!!!!!!!!!!
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The shrimp in a boat formation, luckily Mr.Cat had already figured it out.
I'm sure the ship has plenty'o'soda for everyone.

You think the kittys will have their sea legs? I know Wieland gets upset if you just spin him alittle.
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Would someone help me get on the boat? I've been feeling a bit strange since I drank that Pepsi.......
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Well, now we've dropped anchor just offshore from an island. Miss Kitty and the landing party are ashore now.

It would appear the landing party has come across something very interesting. From my vantage point, I cannot tell what is holding everyone's interest.

Apparently, whatever the landing party has discovered is causing some debate! The concensus seems to be that it's best we all return to the ship, for now.

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Oh, No, I think we just arrived to - "JURASSIC PARK"!!!!!!!
Im not sure we have time for that debating. I strongly suggest we get back on the ship, and hurry to get away. Unless,... Unless these are not Dinasours that Im watching... What is it?
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Well, they're not the Geico Geckos, that's for sure. Let's run!
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Are you guys running? I do, but I don't seem to get anywhere! maybe its some sort of a maze!
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No worries, mates! We're safely aboard ship once more. I'll post more pictures, as soon as they're developed and printed by the ship's film laboratory.

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