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Road Trip to Find Mr. Cat! Who's Coming?

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Lorie and I have grabbed some goodies, Krispy Creme donuts and Rice Krispy treats, and we're on our way to find Mr. Cat. We think we last saw him near New Zealand. We have loads of room in our car, and will pick you up-wherever you are. Bring some goodies, please. We love to eat our no-calories treats on these trips, so tell us where you are and what you're bringing! We'll be there in no time. Hold on, Lori! We're pulling out now. SCREEECH!!!!!! Lori, get up off the floor. We have to leave room there for Debbie! And, for goodness sakes, why is your face so white?
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OMG, WHO let Jeanie drive? Get away from that wheel, immediately!

You might as well swing southwest - I don't have to go to work, until Monday. I've got some of those new Snickers with almonds and we could swing by Tony Roma's for a rack of ribs.
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I'll Drink!
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Roma's rack o' ribs?? We're on our way! Hold on, Lori! By the way, why do you think Cindy wouldn't want me to drive? Sometimes I don't understand her! Let's go!! Squeeeeeeal!!!! (Slams on the brakes, while Lori grabs the seat belt) Sorry Lhezzza. Hop in!
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99 bottles of beer in the van...... 99 bottles of beer, take one down pass is around.... 98 bottles of beer in the van
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Drive Faster......

98 bottles of beer in the van...... 98 bottles of beer, take one down pass is around.... 97 bottles of beer in the van
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Oh how fun! Can I come? Here in Wisconsin we eat alot of Bratz, home made on the grill. Ill make some up for us! Jeanie can drive, just not me! Im a scardy cat driver.
Lizas got the beer, I got the bratz! Its a tailgate party.
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The more, the merrier! Food and people! We have lots of room. Where to?
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Last I heard Mr Cat was at the bottom of the grand Canyon. Might have to ride the mules down the trail to get there.
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Hmm, if you get a chance to hit the East Coast, stop by Philly and pick me up. I'll have some REAL Philly cheese steaks and some Tastykakes (this is where they're made!) for all! (Oh, I'm bringing some Pepsi for myself, and some extra in case we pick up Sherral).
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Beer n' Brats?? I am THERE!!!

So swing by Colorado when you get the chance ladies!
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Heidi, We'll pick you up in a few minutes. SCREEEEEECH! Gotta turn around and get to the city of brotherly love. Philly cheese steaks, oh boy. Then on to Wisconsin to pick up Tamara on the way to Colorado! Hey who has the first aid kit? Lori's on the floor again! Cheese, Lori, the seats are more comfortable! Get that food ready, everyone; here we come! We can ride mules down to the canyon floor. Heck, that's a smooth ride, right, Lori? Lori!! Oh, Lori!!!!
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Don't forget me in Ny! I have the Buffalo Wings! Mild or spicy? How about Garlic & Butter ?
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Ill save some bratz for Heidi! I allways wanted to see colorado. I think the moutains are so beautiful!!!
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Hi Sherral! We've already got the Pepsi!
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But we cant forget sherrel! gona stop in New York!
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Can we stop for a river raft ride!
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Don't forget me. I'll bring the Hershey bars and kisses, since they're made near me!

And would someone please drive!! You know how scary a driver Jeanie is. We're lucky we survived the last road trip.
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When you reach the west coast pick me up! I have hot chocolate chip cookies with iced cold milk! Apple pie a la mode and hubby made his awesome shish ka bob hot off the bar b que!
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Gonna stop for bren, Must have chocolate to get over our beer hangover! May be we should see Niagra Falls while we are there?
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I just heard that Mr Cat is now at the top of a Huge Redwood tree! How might we get there?
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Oh, and for those of you who drink real soda I have a couple of cases of COKE!
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We have to stop at Theresas and hug the babys!
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We should swing down to Benson and take more pix of the twins! If I look at them enough, maybe I can learn to tell them apart!
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***Finally regains consciencesness(sp?) after being thrown violently to the floor several times and knocked out***

OMG!!!!! Why does it feel like we're moving? Where am I and what happened to my rice crispie bars???
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Brenda, Hop in! Have a steak and cheese! And would you please check on Lorie? I haven't seen or heard from her since we turned around and I'm hungry for a Rice Krispies treat! She should be back there with Sherral somewhere! We're on our way to Canada!

Brenda, what do you mean- move over? How can I steer the car if I move over? Ridiculous! And she's a school teacher! Hey Lhezzza, make room for Brenda in the back will you? Don't let her drink; she's too young! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go! SQueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal! Binky, don't worry. This is a magical trip. We can do anything and go anywhere in a matter of minutes! Heck, we just left Pittsburgh an hour or so ago, and here we are near Niagara Falls! Hear the roar?

Cindy, how do we get to Benson to see the babies? Is it on the way to Wisconsin and Colorado?
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Oh now I remember, we're on a road trip and that crazy Jeanie's driving.

Jeanie, we're coming up to a stop sign, why aren't you slowing down?????????

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OK, Cindy. So where do I turn? (Turns to talk to Lorie) Oh, there you are Lorie! What stop sign? Oh, that one! (Hears a siren) Screeeeeeeech! Oh, hello officer!
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*sniffle* Did you forget me in Nebraska? I'm up for a road trip!
I'll bring the Margaritas...Heck, I'll even bring Runza's! Heidi..You know what I'm talkin' about! It's a Nebraska thing!
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Turn left, at Denver.
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