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Thank you for posting this. I am going to save it to always have. Thank you so much.
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I found this piece somewhere else, not long after I lost my beloved Sheba. I have safely tucked away in my "In Memory of ..." folder. It still brings tears to my eyes.

Maggie in Western Australia
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Oh wow, that was so beautiful. I couldn't stop from crying, it was so sad Nice and comforting, but still sad
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Thank you so much...I just lost Sunni at only 5 yrs. old a week ago. It was very sudden, and I'm still reeling. These words, although they made me cry, also made me smile. I know she is still here, patiently waiting for me. Thank you for reminding me.
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one of the best things i've ever read. my dog died a year ago in august, i had her for over 10 years or so. she grew up with me and i never thought she'd actually die. and later our dogs were all outdoor dogs and i didnt go out as much. i was home all day chillin inside. and never went out to see them. my mom came home from work and saw that trixie had passed. she was in her fenced area near the gate door and i just cried and wanted to kill myself inside because i felt i let her down. luckily tho i went out a few days before that and did see her, i thought she had died then, but she slowly walked out of her doggy house, so i got to see her and pet her one last time. i found out later my mom knew trixies time was coming and i wish she would have freakin said something to me because i wasnt home as much. i wanted to hold her and not let her feel alone before she died. i still cry alot when i think about it because i couldnt believe i let one of my greatest friends down. i hope she forgave me and i'll never forget the great times we had ...
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That is so true to my Max. He would follow me around until he started getting in too much pain. Glad I have towels here by me. I hope this helps my coax the next few days.

Thanks for posting that, MA.

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Thanks. I just had to put my Lucky to sleep yesterday. He was about 14 (no body was sure-he was a stray) and I am feeling very bad. I was okay with him dying--I knew he was sick and just not going to get better-but I didn't want to have to do it. I tried to make him better, but it wasn't meant to be. It is funny--I think I hear him crying for me and I think I hear his bell. I'll jump and go running like I used to then remember I don't have to.
So the story made me think he's still here with me, until I feel better. He was a love. He liked to snuggle and put his paw on my face and nibble on my chin.
I know I did the best thing for him and he's at peace now. I had him cremated so I can bury him in my flower bed. I'll make a little stone for him and then he'll be near me every day.

Anyway-thanks for the poem--it made me feel better.
I'm glad there are people who understand how hard it is to lose a friend.
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I've not lost an animal yet, but this thread has me in tears.
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What a wonderful thing for someone to write. The tears are flowing for my love of Tigger, B.J., Jazz, Cocoa, Dexter, Princess, Melissa, Dollar, Stoney, Bo, and Polly. I will love them forever and ever. I miss you all so much.
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Beautiful beautiful!!! It's sooo true.... My beloved Chelsea passed away last Tuesday and it was really hard! After reading this, it really helps a lot and it make me cry Thank you, Hissy.

Lynda, mother to Chelsea, OP and Myles
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awww man! that was so awsome! man, I was crying! ^^ though none of my kittys have's something that I can have in mind when one of them does leave's really good and I thank does help...and it's right. your loved ones never really truely leave you. ^^

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Oh Boo hoo hoo. This makes me think of every cat I have ever known.
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I had never read that until now. I miss my little Fred so much, I wonder if it will ever get any better. He was my constant companion for almost 18 years, and even though I love my other kitties, there will never be another Fred.
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that is so touching
made me cry
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It is almost one year since we lost our cat of 14 yrs. and I know I will have to face that painful anniversary come January 7. What makes it even worse is that I have to be strong for my children. This was the only cat they can remember. Just when you think you have it all together the memories come back to you.
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