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RIP Spasti-cat

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Just got home from the vet with the news that the kitten I had adopted a day and a half ago had FeLV. I couldn't risk Pepper and Petunia's lives (no room to quarantine him except a bathroom and I couldn't make him live like that). I hadn't even named him yet except to call him Spasti-cat because he was such a loving little guy. I was afraid of what the vet would tell me this morning and my fears turned out to be correct. I am devastated that this beautiful life was ended so abruptly and will always remember another life taken by this horrible disease.
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Awww I am SO sorry RIP Sweet baby
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Poor baby, such a shame. And so sad for you...what a wonderful thing you were doing, to adopt that precious little one.

I'm very sorry this happened. FeLV is a dreadful disease.
Bless you for wanting to give this sweet kitten a loving home.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost one to FeLV today as well. It's a horrible disease.

Rest In Peace little kitty
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R.I.P lil one!! I am so sorry for your loss!
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Poor little kitty. I`m sorry for your loss

RIP Spasti-cat
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
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The poor cherub Play happily over the bridge sweet baby. Your healthy and happy again over there

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oh that is tragic! i'm so sorry.

RIP little guy. play happily across the bridge.
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Awww so sorry to hear that

Rest In Peace little one
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How sad for that poor little Kitty. I'm so sorry for you loss. Rest in Peace Spasti-cat.
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