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He hates flea/worm topicals

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Everytime I put Revolution on Marley, he hates it. He frantically tries to lick the spot it's on, usually he gets to it. I am going to have to start putting it right on the back of his head, not between his sholders...cuz he can reach it. He acts like he is spooked and will run in short bursts, like 3-4 feet, then stops to lick, when he is running he is very low to the ground. After about 15-20 minutes he's fine. Do an of your cats act like this with topical meds?? I don't know if it is burning him or if he just doesn't like the smell. He hates strong smells of any kind. I would hate it if it were burning him, he doesn't meow like it hurts, but I don't know.....
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He may be having some reaction to it - not impossible. I know Mika has a reaction to it so we use Advantage on her and Revolution on Bijou. And yes, you really need to put it in a spot that they can't possibly reach it to lick.
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One of my little girls, Cinnie does this. I hate it when its time to put anything on her and I have to every month without fail cause, she's highly allergic to flea bites. I would swear she has ESP because I'm not even near her or its in my pocket but she knows and she's ready to bolt. It takes two of us to put it on her. Then when I finally get it on she does the same thing she hops around and runs. But she has done that with everything I've put on her. I personally think that since their noses are so much more sensitive then ours, she knows its something out of the ordinary and just doesn't want it on her. After that I have something on me like hand cream that I used on myself, she squints up her eyes and she's ready to run, I guess she thinks I'm gonna put it on her.
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I meant to ask this earlier and forgot....For those of you whose cats don't go outside, what kind of worming/flea meds do you use, if any?
Next year when the weather is better I will prob start taking him outside on a leash so he will be getting revolution then, but in the winter do you do the same as the rest of the year??
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I have 9 cats and they are all inside only cats. I don't deworm them but I do use Frontline on the 2 cats thats highly allergic to fleas (the fleas apparently come in on my shoes or my brothers dog that comes over once in a while), the others I use a fine tooth comb on every day and put anything I get into soapy dish washing liquid to kill them.
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We use Revolution on Bijou and Advantage on Mika as I said above. We have cold winters so I do not use flea medications from November through to April.
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