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Cat plays too rough!

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Hi All!
I've gotten such good advice here before, I was hoping someone may have some ideas for me. I have 2 cats: Tora and Tigger. Tora is a 4 year old female, spayed and about 8 lbs. Tigger is a 3 year old male, neutered and about 14 lbs (yes he's a little fat but he's also a very big cat). Tigger and Tora get along pretty well, they snuggle and groom and like to play with each other.

The problem is that Tigger plays a little too rough for Tora. I don't think that he realizes his size and their play sessions are usually cut short because he did something she doesn't like. He bites really hard and also, because he's twice her size, will jump on her and knock her down. She usually ends the session with a hiss and walks away. He will follow but won't attack her or anything, he usually will then start walking around calling because he still wants to play but she doesn't (I don't blame her) There isn't any aggression in this, I just don't think that tigger realizes his size or knows how to play nicely. Tora has never been injured during their play sessions.

I'm wondering if there is a way to teach him "proper play"? I have feliway diffusers in every room and we do a lot of interactive play with them (cat dancers and fetch), I'd just like for them to be able to play together sometimes too.
Thanks in advance
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Hi I've got the same problem with two of mine, brother and sister, he's much bigger then she is and the same thing she's willing to play, but then he gets too rough and she ends up spitting, growling and running away. I also will try playing with him more but for some reason he likes to tease her. He'll quietly go over and put his paw around her shoulder/neck and wash her face, like "aren't I a good and nice brother?" then when she lets her guard down, he goes in for the kill, he starts bitting and wrestling her. He's a brat. If someone comes a long with a solution, I'd also be happy to know it. Good luck.
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I sometimes have the same problem, only the lttle cat (8lbs) picks on the big cat (12 lbs) and she is too fat to run fast enough to get away I keep thier nails cut weekly to prevent more serious issues and if it gets too rough I just break it up. Your girl is handling it and putting him in his place, he seems to understand so as long as there is not mean aggression don't worry too much.
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