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Trapping in rain or wait til next week

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What's the consensus on trapping when it's raining? I am supposed to trap tomorrow but the forecast now says thunder storms throughout the day. I have trapped in rainy weather in the past, but I think I would have trapped far more if the weather had been dry.

I probably wouldn't think twice, but last week I was trapping and it had rained most of the day, although by the time I was out with traps it had stopped. We were in an area we knew to have lots of cats, but we ended up only catching 4; the others were nowhere to be found. So is it a waste of time (not to mention annoying) to try trapping in the rain?

I can wait until the next weekend (can only trap at this location on the weekend) but by then it will start getting much colder (which may not be a bad thing). Anybody have an opinion on this?
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Im certainly not ready to give advice on trapping... but this is just my experience so far.

I only have the option of trapping once a week - so I will trap in rain - if its light rain. But I only have 2 traps - last week it rained and I caught nothing. I did trap 2 this week and it rained over night.
Im sure you know much more than me on this - I covered the traps with many blankets and then covered with trash bags. I only have the option of keeping the traps on a first floor balcony which is covered by the balcony above. The blankets remained dry underneath - but the poor cats were wet from the bottom. I felt horrible - but i didnt catch any cats for 2 weeks and felt the need to do so this week. Not sure if I made the right decision.

This morning I changed what papers I could from inside so they could at least lay on dry papers. I will let them out tonight though because its supposed to rain again. for females I was told to wait 2 days.

I feel bad cause i know they are miserable anyway - sitting on wet papers doesnt help - but i worry about infection from the damp even though I was told ferals have stronger immune systems....
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thanks, it's a good point, i guess i do have the option of waiting, i might even be able to do something during the week. it makes it so hard when you get limited to a certain time or day, you never know what it'll be like that day.

are you recovering cats on the balcony as well as catching them there? once they're in the traps, maybe you can put something under the traps to get them off the ground a bit, it may not solve everything but will help things air out quicker. and ferals are gonna be miserable one way or another during the whole TNR experience. obviously we want to minimize this but if you find a cat in a trap and it looks all happy to be there, that's no feral cat!

when i've trapped in the rain i've covered the traps in contractor bags, but i think it makes the cats less likely to go in the trap.
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