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Question of the Day - November 14th - Friday

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Do you have snuggle/lap cats?

Out of eleven cats I have 3 snuggle/lap kitties. Max, Sampson and Vanna love to cuddle and would lay in my lap all day if I had the time. At anytime I can pick any of the three up and love them and squeeze them and hold them and they eat it up. Now the others love to be petted but really aren't that interested in settling down for a snooze in my lap or to be picked up and carried around. They allow it but it's not their favorite thing.
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Larry's slowly getting there.

For being feral about a year ago, he's come a long way. He loves being picked up and cuddled....purrs like crazy. So I'm getting him used to being picked up, and then I sit down and hold him for awhile and pet him. He'll purr and look at me like, "Okay. This is sort of nice," and slowly his tail will stop twitching, and he'll relax. I try to do this at least once a day. Yesterday I did it, and then put him back down on the floor, and he just looked at me and stayed there, so I picked him up and sat down again. He's getting to like it!
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All 3 of mine are They've all got their own positions as well as long as they get there first

Sophie curls up on my abdomen, Rosie inbetween the bottom of my legs, and Jack will go either in the middle of them, or in my neck where i get his back feet in my face
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Sibohan yells at me when I get home until I sit on the couch for her to sleep on me, it's an odd relationship. She decided a while ago not to sleep in her cat bed but rather on me. I love having her on my lap but it makes doing needlework a challence since she loves playing with my thread.
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Cala is not, Veeshan likes to cuddle for short periods of time, Kingston will sleep on my lap for a long period of time but not often, Porcelain not at all.
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Well Bella Was my snuggler/lap kitty, she would lay there purring for 5 hours at a time, the others not so much Joey likes to snuggle and hug me but not for too long, Pepino will snuggle at night in bed in my neck and hair. Mario is a 2 minute lap cat Sev will lay next to you but not on you. The girls, forget it
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Gracie will get on my lap sometimes and only when she wants to, Casey hasn't grasped the concept of snuggle kitty.
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Nope, not really. Xander is somewhat snuggly. He enjoys pets and will curl up with you in bed but he doesn't want to be on a lap. Riley, however, thinks humans are beneath him and gets very offended when I suggest (force) snuggles
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All 5 of mine are
Tino doesnt like to be held for long if Im standing, but if Im sitting he does.
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Sassy is very much a snugglier. Linus is sometimes, but he mainly likes quick snuggles and then he's on his way. Pixie is not a snugglier at all. She likes to be brushes and petted but not to be picked up or held. She is getting better about it so it may be something she will develope over time.
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We have two that cuddle all the time. Molly prefers hubby's lap and Lucky prefers my lap. Occasionally Spunky will cuddle on a lap.
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All four of mine are very snuggly - when they want to be.
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Yes! was 2.... the firts one his name was Ron Ron.... I miss sooo much my lovely boy...
later was Chela..........
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Yes, Swanie. He's a very big boy (16+ pounds, not really fat, but big especially when he stretches out). He just loves to stetch out on my lap too. We've figured out the best way is for me to sit down on the couch next to the arm, put my feet up, cover my lap with a flannel shirt, and he will snuggle in on my lap and on my arm (along the couch). He likes this so much, he will harass me until I sit down and present my lap. He the only way I can get him off is to put a treat somewhere just out of his reach

Cindy is not a lap cat, but occasionally she will get on my chest or DH's chest when we're in bed. Not so much lately, especially since we just had her to the vet for her checkup. Since I'm the one who picked her up and put her in the carrier, she wants nothing to do with me right now.
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Tailer is, but he prefers DH's lap.

Forest HATES to be held or picked up, but he does love a good belly rub.
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The only snuggly kitty in our house is Cindy. She won't settle and fall asleep on a lap, but she will occupy and demand attention, and lean into it. She is also pretty huggy, i.e not arms-around-the-neck huggy, but definitely wants to be held, leans into my shoulder and snuggles. Mum loves Cindy Hugs.
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Cotton's a lap cat...he gets very disgruntled if you disturb his lap too. Freya will come and hang out but other than sleeping on your feet (literally) she doesn't really do the lap thing
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Tolly is totally a lap cat - in fact, he's occupying my lap right now. If his human is not sitting down to be snuggled, he'll climb on something to get as close to your face as possible so that he can MEOW his command for you to sit down and be snuggled

Lily likes to lie near but not on her people during the waking hours. Her particular favourite is for you to put a blanket over your lap, make a tent and she will crawl underneath it. She will wait by the cupboard door where the blanket lives so that we fetch it.

At night, Lily sleeps on my feet, or on my tum. If I'm lying on my side she'll snuggle right into the hollow of my tum.

Felicity likes to be near people as well - she likes to stretch out her paw so that she can touch the people nearby.

ETA : Tippy was the scardiest cat I know, but she was a total lap cat with the people that she knew and loved. Towards the end, she and Tolly actually started to share a lap. Considering that she spent her whole life afraid of everything including most other cats, this really was something.
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Hmm, let's see
Pandora: total lapcat
Perseus: without a doubt, Pers is a velcro cat
Hades: also a velcro cat
most of the time I have all 3 of these guys laying on me at once
Electra: she can be, but usuallu only when there are no ther cats around (doesn't happen often )
Circe: she will sit next to me. but very rarely sits on me
Nemesis: never
Poseidon: once in a blue moon, he is a little intimidated by Hades who is always on me
Apollo: he tries, but he is stll a little nervous; in other owrds if I move he takes off
Cronus: he's started to sit next to me
Dionysius: when he actually comes out to the living room he is
Medusa: never, I barely see her at all
Atlas: he wants to be one, but like El, he will only come around when no one else is in my lap

I remembered everyone
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Jazz sits on my lap the minute I sit down. Maggs sits next to me .
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Butzie is not a lap cat but she loves to snuggle. She also doesn't like to be held but she is getting better about that. She is so affectionate and loving in all other regards.
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All three of mine like to snuggle and sleep with me at night. Each one has their own way of, and time to snuggle. Lola likes to jump up in my lap, be held like a baby and make biscuits in my armpit!....but only when I'm sitting at the computer. Cleo likes to jump in my lap while I'm watching the hockey game and be combed. She'll lay there and get combed as long as I'll do it. Maggie's my 'challanged' kitty. She'll act like she wants to be held, and will jump in your lap, but as soon as you try to pet her, she'll get spooked and wriggle away.....only to come back immediately and start the process all over.
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Miagi will be snuggly if he wants something like food! But he for sure is the cuddly type!

Tiger on the other hand is always cuddling and snuggling with me!!
he's always never an inch away from me. but right now he's on the couch and Miagi is on my parents bed sleeping!

Love them both to death snuggly or not!
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Five of my six cats/kittens love to be snuggled. If I am sitting there is a kitty in my lap.
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