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Daily Thread TGIF Nov 14th!

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Morning ladies and gents! Its FRIDAY!!

Its going to be a balmy 11 degrees today..I have a feeling its the last time this year Rainy though...

Josh and I have a date tonight and I am soooooooooo excited!

I finally picked the bridesmaid dresses and will be going with one of my girls tomorrow for her to try it on to make sure its not hideous on a body.

Heading to work just now...then weekend time!
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Today is another lazy day Been feeling sleepy lately. Hopefully by tonight I will have a working pc again. Mine died Monday so we ordered some new parts. I'm so excited.

This weekend we will update the registry and hopefully pick out the baby furniture. Maybe I can convince hubby to paint the remodeled bathroom.
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Hello All!!

Tired today as I painted for about 6.5 hours yesterday!! Done with 5/9 grids. I want to finish two more for sure. It will be real close on the paint so I might do more just in case so I can see of I'm going to run out.

Would have liked to sort in whirlpool tub but one of my BIL/SIL came over last night to see our progress.

Rain is out of forecast until tonite in that case it could be flurries. A high of about 46F (6C) today. Must fill birdfeeders as bluejay's are looking for food! Might do some yardwork if I can get ATV started-it doesn't like cooler temps!.

That's about all. Everyone else in house except me are taking their naps.

Have a good one!!
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Morning All!!!!

Dull dreary and damp here this morning, but at least it's on the mild side.

Heading over to the hospital shortly to get my shots.....
I have cortisone in both knees every six months

Be happy to get it done today they have both been more then a little bothersome since the colder weather set in.

After that have a bit of shopping to do then just home for the rest of the day. Have a couple of small projects I am working on so most likely putter at those.

The kitties are all window watching this morning. They don't spend as much time in the window now that it is closed but every once in
awhile they like to take a look.

Everyone have a great day
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