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RIP Moses

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I had a phone call last night to let me know that one of my ex fosters had had to be pts - they had only had her a month. I am completely shocked by it, as she had been here for 8 months, and seemed perfectly healthy and happy, even after having 8 teeth removed, so to find out her organs were failing and the start of tumours so soon after leaving here just seems unbelievable. She came to us due to her owner having liver cancer, and I was unable to get hold of her owner when she was rehomed, so I suspect the worse, so at least she will be back with her mum now. IF I had known she was that poorly, she wouldnt have been rehomed, but there were no signs at all, and she was only 8. RIP little one
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Poor baby Like you say, she's with her mum now

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Thanks, I am still in shock and disbelief that a cat I had for 8 months had so little time in her new home, there was no signs whatsoever with her, or I Wouldnt have rehomed her.
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Awwww, poor baby, I am so sorry RIP Moses
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I'm very to hear this after he was under your care for so long.
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So sorry to hear of this, Des.

RIP Moses, play happy and free over the bridge now.
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That is so very sad. At least Moses had a home with people who loved him, even if so short a time. It's amazing how well cats can hide illness. But he's now with his momma furever.
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Thanks everyone - Moses was a girl though, everyone thought she was a boy with her name!!
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So Sorry to hear this RIP Moses
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I'm so sorry. At least she was surrounded by Love at the end. Rest in Peace Moses.
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