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HELP! kitties are out of control!!!

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My kitties were seperated for about 5 days, Peanut was at the vet with coccidia and now turbo and peanut are reunited. Since I put them together about 2 hours ago, they have been completely going at it, attacking eachother and the whole bit. Only have hissed once but I am still concerned. They seem to be really rough. They are only about 11 weeks old so not neutered yet (both boys). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Should I seperate while I am away to prevent injuries???? Thanks.
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I would do a re introduction process. Seperate them by putting one in a room. Let them sniff each other out for a few days and give supervised visits. Peanut probably smells a lot different to Turbo. Give this a try and see if it helps.
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I've had cats do this after a flea and tick dip eradicated their old familiar smells. Sandie has the right approach. I reintroduced my cats as if they were new to each other over several weeks, that was the only thing that worked.


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I agree - you need to seperate for a bit - they smell different to each other - they will readjust probably in a very short period of time. Linda
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well, after I finally settled them down, they did sleep together on the same sofa, right next to each other. But about 30 minutes later, Turbo started nawing on Peanut's ear again. Peanut will take a lot but then he will start to fight right back. They are both just out of control. Who do I put in the room, in "isolation" does it matter? I don't want one to feel "more in control" than the other. Ithink while I am at work I will def. keep them seperate. What do you think?
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Everything will be OK!!!!
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You know, you could even take turns with the two in one room. That way they smell each other all the time until things settle down. If you have doubts, I would keep them seperated while you are gone. You dont want to come home to someone missing furr.
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I read on another cat site to reintroduce a cat whose been at the vets by taking a piece of your dirty clothing from the hamper and rub the cat all over with the clothing. That way the cat smells more like you than the vet which may cut down on the vet-smell related fighting.
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