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Post Worming Question

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I have 4 foster kittens that are 7 weeks old that just went in for their first worming 24 hours ago. Tonight all of them have large round hard pot bellies and seem to be constipated and having liquid diarrhea. The one's belly is huge and he seems to be the worst with the diarrhea and another one just can't seem to go at all.

My own two kittens never had this happen after they were wormed. They had diarrhea the day after and I could see the worms in there. For these guys I haven't seen the worms, just diarrhea.

They are also on Clavamox for a respiratory infection and I'm not sure if that could also be causing the problem.

Anyone have any ideas?
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It sounds like the kitties had large worm loads which have died off. I would be quite concerned about the one that looks like he can't poop--a large die off of worms can block the intestinal tract and cause death.

I would absolutely place a call to the vet. An impaction is quite serious and needs additional care.
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I would definitely recommend calling the vet - sooner rather than later.
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Good News! Everyone has pooped. And I am seeing worms

When I called the vet this morning she didn't seem to be to worried and said it was most likely the dead worms were just causing the bloating and diarrhea. As for my little one who couldn't poop, he pooped just fine this afternoon.
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