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How to get off the bottle?

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I found a kitten along side the road on Sunday. I have cats but never infants that fit into the palm of your hand! So I started bottle feeding him. Took him to the vet Monday turns out he's about 5 weeks old and vet said should be eating wet food not bottle. Well I've been trying to get him to lap his formula out of a dish, not working, tried getting him to eat some avoderm food which he did lick but didn't eat the pieces of meat in it. I can not get him to lap up water from a bowl or saucer either. I'm worried because he's never had any plain water since I got him, just kitten formula (KMR) and the occasional lick of avoderm jelly/sauce.
So any tips on the bottle weaning process?
Should I be worried about him not having plain water?

Also, the vet gave him some white oral liquid for tapeworms, I gave it over 3 days once a day (forget the name). Ever since I started giving it to him he's had diarrhea and seems like he's having pain when he poos. Do you think it's related to the dewormer? Will giving more solid foods combat the diarrhea?

Sorry for all the questions but I've never done this before!
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I wouldn't say that at 5 weeks the kitten shouldn't be having milk. My Tigster was still breastfeeding from his mother (when she let him) at 4 months although obviously he was eating kitten food as well.

See for some weaning tips.
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I can't really answer your questions about the diarrhea, sorry.

But about the weaning, put the formula on a saucer. Dip your finger into the formula and try to get the kitten to lick it off your finger. Then guide the kitten to the saucer.. That's what I did and it worked. Then I mixed the formula with kitten food, I used dry, mushed up wit the formula. Some people use wet though, I think that would be easier. Then used your finger to dab some of the mixture on the kittens nose, which it will lick off. Then guide kitten to the bowl. You might have already tried all of this, and if so, then the kitten might not be ready to stop the bottle. I started weaning Monster when he was 4-5 weeks old and he took to it right away. But every kitten is different and some won't even want to think about weaning until they are 6-7 weeks old.
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My Mother told me to use a straw to get them to take a drink of water. Just dip it in a glass with your finger over it and get them to suck on the end. They will do it. I tried it but as i got everything ready i caught 2 of them drinking out of the foutain so they beat me to teaching them.
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I had a bottle baby. a little different because I had from one day one. but it she didn't wean until 9 weeks. She refused to eat anything or drink formula from a saucer. You may need to be patient with this little one.
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It's fine that he's 5 weeks old and still drinking from a bottle my first cat i had was 5 weeks old i bottled fed her until about 8 weeks old then i put some weaning formula in alittle dish so she could reach plus also just put a tiny bit of wet kitten food and she did great( i changed the milk and food everytime she was done) and she got off the bottle.
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What I learned with my bottle babies is that when they start chewing on the bottle nipple and turning their head, they are ready for wet food.

I had good luck with canned Authority brand kitten food mixed with kitten replacement milk. I put this in a jar lid for them to make it easy to eat.

Kittens are similar to human babies in that they will wean more so when they are ready. Will not hurt at all to continue bottle feeding and keep offering wet food.

You truely saved that baby's life. Hang in there.
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[size="3"]My 14 year old was a bottle baby, rescued after being thrown out of a car window on the freeway at 3 weeks. I had bottle fed before so it wasn't a big deal. However, no matter what I did, he wouldn't go off the bottle. He was somewhere between 8-10 weeks (it was a long time ago); then, one day, out of the blue, he started eating kibble. Totally skipped the wet food stage. I was adding weaning cereal to his formula and he was growing and active and all the things he should be. To this day, he still needs his "babba." Now, of course, there's only water in it. My mother has FINALLY stopped asking when I'm going to wean him. Obviously it is a comfort thing. I wouldn't worry too much. As long as the kitten is acting normal, once you get the diahrea taken care of, let it bottle feed. Everyone who sees my 20+ baby bottle feeding finds it endearing./SIZE]
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