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Izzy & lil sis do not see eye to eye. At all. Izzy has an intense dislike for her & avoids her like the plague.

Unless that is, mommy gives you another hairuct (mostly face) & you is cold. Lil sis is the only warm body around - then she's OK.

(that is lil sis under blanket)

She always sleeps on her back.
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She's such a cutie! How's the potty training going?
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What potty training? Does that answer your question?

She DID pee outside the other day - we've been out a lot since then to no avail - but it gives me hope. She is almost a year old now - so time to get potty trained!
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Awww...what a rough life...tehehe.

Potty training 'should' be really easy, no matter what the age of the dog, it's how many opportunities you 'give' her to go potty in the house. Crate, or keeping her tied to you = little to no opportunity to potty inside. Let her run the home even under supervision= a chance to fail right under your nose, or hide and potty out of sight.

Just because a dog is older, doesn't mean he or she will 'naturally' hold it; can she? Yes...but now pottying in the home is a habit, so it's up to you to stop the cycle, by not allowing her to roam the house like she is potty trained.
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