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Meatloaf anyone?

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Where's the ketchup garnish? Hmmm?
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Hehe, I see thanksgiving turkey, with those haunches. Mmmm...
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Sorry, but my mouth isn't watering.... my heart is melting!

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What's for dinner tonight honey? Hmmmm? Filet o' Feline maybe?
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that is too cute! haha a nice lump of fluff
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
She looks like she face planted!
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Cat Loaf!

Nabu sleeps with his face squished down too.
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too cute
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Aww! I'd love to snuggle up and give her on the head. She looks so comfy.
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Oh my gosh, she is precious. Cutest meatloaf I've ever seen!
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That's the only kind of meatloaf I like
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