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Some random pics of the furcrew

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I got a new camera a while back and I'm still trying to learn how to use it...I'm hoping to have some better shots when I'm more familiar with it...but here you go!

Reilly helping with the household chores


Doing her "kitty monorail" thing and not happy about being disturbed

Playing with the toy Kass (Russian Blue) got the kitties

DH went and bought the kids some antlers for Christmas...they were not impressed!

I was laughing so hard trying to take this pic that I forgot to raise the flash

Molly wouldn't have any part of it...she was not happy!

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That last pic of Molly... hee hee!! The look on her face is one of 'oh heck no, you aren't putting those antlers on me... not unless you have a death wish!'

Reilly is gorgeous as ever... and I love Sydney's monorail cat... she is just too cute!

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At Reilly with the Antlers Too funny!!
Sydney cracks me up with that monorail pose Molly looks scared to death, must be the fact that her brother grew antlers She is precious, those little white paws
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Great pictures, my goodness what a cute group you have there...

I love Sydney's coloring she's just like a fuzzy patchwork quilt...

And Molly could be my Sassy's twin.
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I loved the kitty monorail! looks like something my cats would do
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You have such beautiful kitties - I always envied you & wanted to steal them until I fostered a LH kitty & realized how much grooming she took.
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Those are fabulous I love your kitty monorail - just how do kitties make that look comfortable???

As for Molly's face - gee, I bet you daren't go anywhere near her with those antlers

Reilly did look incredibly cute in them though even if he can't hold his head up with the other boys in the neighbourhood now.
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I love the way Sydney hangs over the handrail Their all gogeous, big and fluffy Tracy
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So cute! Your fur family is gorgeous!
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