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Roxy's getting spayed, vibes please

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We just dropped the new little one off at the vet for her spay. She really did not want to go, it was a trick getting her in the carrier but we did it. When we got there she did not want to come out of the carrier either. The vet is great, this is the first time we met him. He seemed really knowlageable and very nice. We aranged to have a pain pack sent home with her. It includes a shot at the office and some pills to give her at home. The vet aged her at about 9-10 months officially so now we know her age. She is gaining weight nicely. When we took her to the first clinic for her test she weighed 6.4 pounds now about 10 days later she is up to 7.2, so I guess we are doing that right. He recomended that we do a fecal test to check for worms, but due to money we will have to wait on that. She did get dewormed and will be getting a shot for tapeworm, so we can wait a bit for a full fecal. We opted against the cone for her head, we will just watch her and make sure she does not pull the stiches out.

I hope all goes well. I don't really know exactly what happens in a spay but I have a good idea. Please send vibes that there are no complications and she still loves us when she comes home. How do you keep a kitten from playing too much when they should be resting? Will she be able to eat tonight? She has not had any food since 8pm last night and woke up very hungry. Will she be in the mood to eat? Should we just offer her wet food and not kibble? What about water? The vet told us she would be able to have water tonight but should it be cold or warm? Would it be a good idea to put lysine in her food to help boost her immune system? Ahhhhh, I am so worried about her. With Monkey it was easy but with this one for some reason I am worrying more.
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Roxy is going to be fine. All my guys and girls were none the worse for it. She will not be angry at you at all. She will be relieved to be home again. As far as food, I let them drink as much water as they wanted, I started them off with 1/2 can of wet food. Usually they were all ravenously hungry when they came home, boys and girls. I also opted against a cone for all my five girls. They were fine. Good luck. Speedy recovery for Roxy. Prayers and
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Many vibes for a successful surgery and quick recovery She probably will not want to eat tonight and I know my vet says offer a little water after a while and if they keep that down maybe a little food. She will be groggy and look silly for awhile. Bless her
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I hope everything goes fine.
Cleopatra gets fixed Nov 20 and then the first week od Dec I get her.
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Most spay and neuter operations go well. They have very low complication rates, since most vets that see dogs and cats get a LOT of practice.
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