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My 3 Snuggle-bugs

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Molly, Max and Maggie and just about 7 months old now, so I thought I'd post the most recent pics I've taken of them. This was a week ago or so just after they finished "helping" me make the bed. They are at that age now where it's harder to tell that they are growing, but when I look at past pics I can definitely see a difference! I also weighed them the other day, and Max and Molly are around 8 lbs with Maggie at about 7lbs. They are not fat at all, so I'm guessing I'll have some decent sized kitties on my hands once they are full-grown! Oh, and those who remember previous photos of Molly, her stripes are really starting to come out stronger on her body now. I'm not sure if it's just her winter coat coming in or if this is permanent. She has been shedding more noticeable that her siblings, so something is definitely changing! Okay, enough from are the pics! (click for larger image)

Whatcha doin' mom?

Max loves posing for the camera!

Molly's new stripes!

Such a pretty girl...

Maggie showing off her bunny-spring back legs.

I'm sleepy, mom. Don't bother me.
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Awww... what a nice looking bunch! I love it when there legs are so long they don't even have to stretch to clean their back toes. My ReeRee has long legs. Fiona doesn't and always has to do yoga poses to get to her back toes.
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aww they are gorgeous! i have a new tabby girl (5 months) and she is such a poppet. yours remind me of her.
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they are all so pretty!
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So precious! Have to say Maggie is a spitten image of my Maia! How can any one resist!
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Awwwww aren't they as cute as buttons
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Molly's markings are stunning! Does she have blue eyes?
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
Molly's markings are stunning! Does she have blue eyes?
Yes, she does...I'm the one that was talking about them (how they sometimes look crossed) in your thread about Sky. When she was a baby everyone thought she was Siamese because her body was all light gray, with dark colored points, but now her tabby markings are coming out.
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They are adorable, but Molly is just stunning
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