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Im a bit lost with what to do...

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I've had my cat, Charlie (of whom I found and took in) since February and although its been a slow process of her trusting us we have finally got there!
In October we had to move house, naturally we took her with us but we've gone from living in a rather secluded spot with plently of land to a house in a street with cars etc. There is a lovely back garden with a fence though.

Anyways, we kept Charlie in for the first few weeks incase she got scared and ran off or got hurt and now she is getting used to the car sounds going past the house. Problem is she will take two steps outside the house and run back in. I dont want her to stay outside all night really, just be able to go out and play in the daytime when I can keep an eye on her. I wouldnt mind her being an indoor cat but even though she has numerous toys and scratchers, she's taken to scratching everything in the bedroom in the middle of the night. The problem isn't scratching everything, its just the timing - its waking everyone up!

I know cats are probably more active at night but this has just been a recent thing and Im wondering if its because she's not using her claws so much (she used to love hunting and playing in the garden).
Im not too sure how to keep encouraging her to go out or what to do in the nights (I cant lock her out of the bedroom as she miows all night).
Any Advice would be great.

p.s sorry its such a long post!
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Ernesto used to want attention in the middle of the night and he also found that scratching was a good way to wake us up and he sure got our attention when he was tearing the wallpaper ! He didn't seem to care what kind if attention he got, as long as he got some.

We also tried a lot of things, but the only thing that worked was also the hardest; ignoring him completely. Not easy to do when we heard him peeling off even more of the wallpaper, but he did stop after two nights when he noticed we would not respond anymore (we did remove all the loose pieces of wallpaper so as not to tempt him further).

Are her scratchers big enough so she can use them when she is standing up with her front legs stretched high ?
Or might she like horizontal scratching more, like a doormat ?
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She has both, she has a big tall one and a floor mat one. She has loads of toys to play with aswell (she loved the one with the ball which she pushes with her paws back and forth in like a circular thing).
When she makes a racked through scratching stuff in the night I don't tend to give her any attention because she is quite temperamental - one minute she'll purr away the next she will just go into attack mode for no reason!
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