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May Kitty Birthdays??

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Hi was just wondering whos kitties birthdays are in may? Maybe we can send Birthday E-cards for everybodys kitties birthday?

My kitties birthday: May 12th
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Our cats will turn 2 years and May 22nd
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Wow...you forced me to look my kitty baby book. GoGo will be 5 years old May 15th. Thanks for the reminder!

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hey can I send your kittie a birthday e-card ( through email) to wish them a happy birthday? lol I'm nuts I know but I love animals.. What can I say. I think they deserve as much of a birthday as humans recieve lol...
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Midnight will be 11 on May 1st
Sunshine will be 4 on May 15th
The kittens (Jules, Blondie, Polly, Silver, Pan and Max) will be 2 on May 17th

It's a busy month here!
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Expecially if you going to buy them all presents!! $.$
Hehe I bought my kitty a cat tree that goes to the ceiling, Catnip spray, mouses for the tree, 2cat bowls, a collar and tag for both of my kitties, 2 harnesses, 2 leashes, and cat treats...
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They get presents all the time, there's no need for a special occasion! I tell them all the time that they get treated better than some people treat their kids!

Yes, they're spoiled but I wouldn't have it any other way!
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Hehehe lucky little ones!
My kitties get bored constantly ... even though they've got everyhing I would guess they are spoiled rotten also lol..I hope a cat tree will help lol...
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Cat trees are great! Ours love the tree, they are on it all the time. I got it for a real bargain on eBay, someone was moving and couldn't take it. I had to drive an hour to pick it up, but I paid $30 for a $500 cat tree!!! (It's one of those ones that look like a real tree).
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WOW great deal!! well I paid 199.99 for mine its coming in a few days.. bought it from drs. Foster and Smith... I have been a costumer for a few years.. I know they are sometimes pricey though..

Heres the site: DrsFosterSmith.com

I wonder if anyone else here shops there?
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I love that site, I get our cats' vaccines from there. I have been drooling over the kitty camelot castle that they have, I would love to get it for the cats!
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Whips out a catalog.
I want to get my kitties vaccines there but I'm afraid I might inject something incorrectly.
but I have been dying to buy the Pagoda cat tree my self.. but I thought one cat tree should be good enough for now lol
And I have been drooling over the catwalk .. and the cute little kabana that connects to it!
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Hey, I have a good idea for cat's birthdays . . . "50 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Cat." It's a book that my soon-to-be-brother-in-law got me for MY birthday, LOL. Some ideas are really good, but others are kinda crazy, too, like installing cat walks along all the ceilings in your home, LOL. Still, it's a really cute book.
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