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Daily Thread Thurs Nov 13th

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Morning cat friends

Welp, its freezing rain today...I really miss London and the none freezing rain winters they normally have there!

Its a Sens home game today, so I get to wear jeans to work with Sens gear on or a red shirt...I do the red shirt as I am not much of a hockey fan...but I do like wearing jeans

Trout is snoozing on my lap all curled up...she almosr doesn't fit anymore

Ummmmm, thats about hit...heading to the gym after work with Josh...tomorrow we have date night

Have a good day!
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Good Morning!

It's a really cold start to the day here.

Today I need to go to the Post Office and mail a few wreaths, get milk because ours has gone bad and then this afternoon I have an appt for a haircut and highlights.

Have a good day!
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Date night sounds like fun. What do you have planned?

Today I am updating the registry, taking a nap and that's it.
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Morning All!!!

Started out as freezing rain this morning here as well but has since turned to just rain.

Going to spend most of day doing laundry, working on my photo albums, and maybe sorting out my Christmas decorations. I noticed last year some of them were getting a little ratty so guess it's time for some new ones.

The weather has gotten my hands quite achy this morning so I will do a wax treatment on them shortly. My aunt said I could bring home her wax system until I get one of my own, she rarely uses it.

The kitties are all napping in on my bed on top of a pile of dirty laundry which I need to sort for washing.

Everyone have a great day
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Is drizzing and kind of foggy here today. I'm off work, but am trying to get the house all spic and span so I can put up my Christmas tree tonight. I plan to leave it bare of ornaments and garland for at least a week until the kits get used to a lighted, revolving tree, then decorate it. I just realised that only Babycakes, Yumyum, BigBlue and Tiger have ever seen my tree up and decorated......we didnt put it up in 2005 or 2006, and just put up the tree itself last year...none of my fosters have seen such as this!
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Rainy day here today. Had an early, early, appointment this morning. I'm taking a nap after I get off here and tonight I'm going to APPLEBY'S with my club for our "Thanksgiving" supper.
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Good Morning,
We are new here, only been here on the catsite for a few weeks...I am still exploring and having fun doing it.
Clear blue skies here in New Mexico...sitting in a sunbeam. All the kitties are taking in the rays inthe window sills. Doing laundry and getting ready for work. I am hoping to come home tonight and get some cards made for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Have a great day.!
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Well, it is sunny and warm where I live. It is going to be in the mid- to high 70's all week with no rain in sight. This may sound great to some, but we need the rain and I am sick of wearing my in-between clothes.

I am doing laundry today and then getting together with Brooke (Meowers) today.

Nothing else much is happening.
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Another overcast grey day. Rain expected in a couple hours and its really windy outside.
I called my Thursday client and postponed until as its soggy from yesterday's rains.

Did a spot of Christmas shopping yesterday and tried to get some ideas of what I might like.
Then my women Hort assoc. meeting-met and chatted with two other business owners (greenhouse and a cut flower operation).

So today I am in the painting mode-four hours so far and I will start again within the hour.
Three grids all done and two more with first coat so I can get those done too.
As my parents are not coming this weekend I can do more painting and get all done by Sunday!!! Then touch up the walls. YAY!!!!!

The girls are on the sofa with me and Bakker just moved upstairs.

Have a good one
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Evening Everyone.

Today was interesting driving to work! We had a heavy fog advisory out....I seriously could not see more than a few feet in front of me the entire time I was driving. Thankfully though that cleared out by the time I got off work!

Today was really busy at work though! I made 8 huge table arrangements for Christmas and 7 other pieces. By the time I left I was covered head to toe in glitter

After I left work I stopped and got some lunch/dinner...I was starving! We were soo swamped at work today that I didn't have much time to eat. I got some yummy food and brought it home and watched Dr. Phil & Oprah.

My friend is comming over in a little while to hang out with me then I'm going to take her to Yoga with me tonight (I've been trying to get her to go for weeks now and she finally agreed to try it )
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Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
Date night sounds like fun. What do you have planned?
We are going Christmas shopping for my neices, then out for dinner and then renting a movie Can't wait! Josh is so busy with school, I love date nights!
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