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Skinny "B"....anyone read this book?

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Well you know I can't post the actual name because it's a naughty word.
But has anyone read this book?
I don't know what others think of it, but it has conformed me into being a vegetarian. I read the vegetarian thread before posting this, so I do know most everyone's opinions on moderation, etc. But I am doing it because I can't bear the thought of the animal suffering that goes on in the meat industry. I knew about it before, and it always bothered me, and I didn't eat lots of things like veal or lamb because, well, they're darn cute. But the other, not AS cute animals have feelings, too, and reading this book triggered something in me.
I am making a healthful change for them, and myself.
I'm only 1/2 done with the book, but man, I'm ready to start.
Would anyone lend a hand in helping me pick animal friendly foods? I don't know where to start. I'm thinking about getting Skinny B in the Kitch, too, for recipes.
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I changed to vegetarianism for similar reasons in March. I just "snapped" one day. I haven't looked back.

As someone else mentioned in a previous thread, you REALLY need to be a fairly proficient and creative cook or you will almost certainly be doomed to fail. You could also make it if you have a good enough income to supplement simple home vegetarian meals with good ones from restaurants or take out.

Are you planning to go vegan or allow eggs and dairy? I do eat eggs and dairy (organic and cage free/natural) as much as possible and I think for me it would be almost impossible to go vegan without a lot more familial support (I'm the sole veggie in my home.)

I like tofu, and use it once or twice a week. Otherwise I eat nuts, eggs, beans and dairy. It is important that you consume a good serving of protein twice a day. I've been using a fermented soy protein powder in milk in the mornings, sometimes some peanut butter toast, cottage cheese, etc along with fruit. At dinner I usually just modify whatever I'm cooking for my husband and daughter or just stick to the side dishes and maybe have a serving of a good cheese or handful of nuts. Avocados are now my best friends!

To make sure I get in enough veggies (as I'm not always good about that) I make "green drinks" in my juicer and voila! I have 4 or 5 servings of veg taken care of in 10 gulps of juice (I juice cucumber/celery/lettuce and then various other veggies/sprouts, an occasional apple or pear, etc). Think "salad in a glass."

Hope this helps, as I wasn't really sure what you were asking by "animal friendly foods."

Take care,

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"Snapped" is exactly the word I would use to describe this feeling I have now. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. Well, I did it for about 3 months, years ago, but fell off because like you said, I didn't know what I was doing and didn't have enough ideas for things. There have been vast changes in the Veg. supply since then. Now my problem is deciding what to try first! After much deliberation, I think I have decided to go Vegan. In the book they said just because it says free range, doesn't always mean it is. I think the only way I will eat eggs one day is if I have my own pet chickens that I'll be nice to and treat well. I don't think of bird eggs as alive (humans, different subject altogether, lol) but I do not like the way chickens are treated to obtain the eggs. I wouldn't have a problem with eggs if I had my own chickens (which would be pets and egg layers only, not food), or if I actually know the farmer personally and how he treats his/her chickens. There might be more to egg laying than I know, like maybe chickens aren't supposed to be continuously laying eggs...I know growing up, our pet birds couldn't have a nest because she kept laying and laying and losing calcium this way. I'll have to look into it.
I will probably be using protein powders, beans, tofu and rice or soy milks, among many other things that contain protein.
By animal friendly, I guess I mean anything that doesn't come from an animal. Thanks for the help!
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I'm lucky to have access to a dairy/egg place locally. Everything is free/grassfed and the animals are treated far better than the "factory farms" around here. I live in the top dairy producing county in Texas...not a pretty place, esp with the "dead animal collection trucks" driving around with a stiff cow leg poking out the top, etc.

Not sure on the particulars of the chicken laying. I do know almost any bird will lay. I have a friend who is a wildlife rehabber and she eats owl eggs, etc from her rehabbing birds.

Good luck with your venture. You might want to check out www.crazysexylife.com . There are lots of vegans/raw foodists on there and I got many ideas from them.

Good luck,

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I am vegan and eat a lot of legumes and whole grains. I also like tofu and seiten or vital wheat gluten, AKA "wheat meat". I buy both the beans and grains dry and in bulk and cook them up myself. Frozen veggies are another great find. They are much more reasonbly priced than fresh and often have more nutrition since they don't sit for very long before going in the freezer. I very rarely buy prepared meals because it is so much more cost effective to make my own.
There are a lot of great websites full of recipes and information. Please PM me if you want to discuss this more in depth.
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