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I accidentally spoiled my cat

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oops...Chloe has always been a clingy cat, which is ok. When my male cat died unexpectedly (cancer) I was so depressed, and worried about Chloe being lonely that I gave her extra treats, extra food and extra attention. Whenever I came home she ran to greet me and tried to climb my legs. Instead of discouraging this i picked her up and sat down to cuddle with her for a while. Now, I'm afraid she's terrible spoiled. I may end up with someone else's male cat (thankfully a submissive cat) but I'm worried that it won't work. On the other hand, maybe another cat is exactly what Chloe needs. Can she be "unspoiled"?
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Can you really spoil your cat too much? Every time I have to do something special for one of them, they all end of sharing (like extra treats because of the cat who is staying with us), or extra food because one of them needs it. Getting her a playmate is probably good. It may take some time, but she would probably appreciate it since she is used to having someone.
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You can always cut back on the treats and extra food if you like, but cut back on the cuddling??? Nooooooo that your baby's special love time and you simply can't give her less lovin that's what makes having a kitty *so* wonderful, when they're all sweet and affectionate and want to be held, that's always what makes my heart melt.
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I have 9 cats, all are spoiled brats, but I wouldn't change a thing that I've done. There all my babies. I always felt that it's less trouble with 2 then 1, they play off of each other (in time, when they get use to each other, I've added to the group a number of times and it works). Good luck.
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My girls are terribly spoiled. Not my doing but DH has spoiled them rotten since he is home all day. One thing I regret is they are not lap cats. Dusty used to sleep on my chest when she was very tiny, but she doesn't anymore. She does come to me for cuddles when I am in bed though. Rusty has always been aloof. But oh my they like their treats!
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