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Raspy Meow

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My 7 year old tortie Middy has lost her meow. Yesterday she had a normal meow but today it is a bit raspy. Usually when I would go to pet her she would meow really loud now you can barely hear it. What could this be? I am not able to take her to the vet til Friday, maybe she will be better by then but I will probably still take her. Any ideas of why she has lost her meow? Thanks.
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Hi there,

Well cats can apparently get Laryngitis and lose their voice just like humans can, and generally the treatment is antibiotics. Does kitty have any other symptoms? Sneezing? runny nose or eyes? less of an appetite? sleeping more?

Does your kitty go outside at all?

Peeing and pooping okay?

Any other symptoms?

A good idea to take her to the Vet on Friday, for sure.
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Sometimes they can just lose their meows, mine did and she is perfectly healthy, got a clean bill of health. There have been othet posts about this and it seems its not that unusual for some gets to just lose their meows, however, it wouldn't hurt to go to the Vet just in case something is not right.

Good luck.
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Thanks for the replies. She has no other symptoms. She is peeing and pooing normally. The only time she goes outside is when we are out sitting on the porch and she sits on the porch with us, so yes she does go outside every now and then. I will probably still take her to the vet just to make sure she is ok.
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I think a vet trip is a good idea. Any time something changes it's important to get it checked out. I have known cats who just sounded like that, but they always sounded like that it wasn't a sudden change.
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