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Starting to get worried.

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I am starting to get worried about barley he's taken to eating wet food quite easily but i am still mixing it in with his hard food it was like he's eaten wet food before but now he can't get enough of the wet and not the dry. I just fed him and put dry food in his dish he looked at it then looked at me like i was crazy then i ended up giving him him wet food and he went completely crazy. I put him on specialty kitty wet food the walmart brand. But now he flinces everytime i give him his insulin i do it in different spot's everytime but he still flinces. I am not sure what to do i am getting him a glucose metre this friday to check out his level's. But how do i deal with his flincing everytime.
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is he Diabetic ??? if so talk with your vet ... Many vets recommend a all wet diet for that issue ... he is simply choosing what he knows is better for him and please DO NOT mix wet and dry food togther as a bacteria bloom can occur

IMHO Special kitty is like mcdonalds for cats .. can you afford other wet food
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Yes he is diabetic he was diagnosed last year with being diabetic.

Well that is what it said on something i was given and it had specialty kitty on it.
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Yes, if he's diabetic wet food is much better for him. And Sharky is right, when wet and dry food get mixed together bacteria can develop.

I think it must be kinda of hard for any cat not to flinch somewhat when getting a needle
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Victoria, please check your 'private messages' here, just sent you one! I'm here in Airdrie, I have a diabetic cat too. I responded to one of your posts yesterday but not sure if you saw it.

Lisa :-)
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