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Haggard says abused as a child

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Do you believe him? I know that it's quite possible, looking at all the abuse that has come to light.

But, do you think he's being honest, or has he just realized that disgraced Pastors selling insurance don't make nearly as much money as Mega-hustlers?

Disgraced pastor Haggard: I was abused as child
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If he was abused, I'm very sorry for him. But you still make your own choices in life. He chose to have sex with a male prostitute instead of getting counseling. A therapist or psychologist is bound by patient confidentiality. A prostitute has no such boundaries to the press or courts or whatever. Sure sounds like a cop-out to me. Kinda like when the killer goes to jail and "finds God". I didn't know He was hiding in prison, but it sure seems like he's "found" a whole lot there!
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Call me callous, but that guy is bi-sexual and now that he got caught he's saying whatever he thinks the population will believe. What a bunch of BS.
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I am not buying it. He is still trying to lay the blame elsewhere. I have noticed that with him. He put his wife's life at risk engaging in risky sex. Christian organizations often have good counseling available for their clergy. But say he wanted to go the secular route. I am familiar enough with Colorado to know that he could have found a therapist in Denver and gone up once a week.
What he did to his children was awful. For nothing else he should have thought of them.
Not buying it here. He has no business at the pulpit either. He keeps trying to be the victim.

When I saw the title I thought Oh no Merle Haggard was abused!
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It's between him and God, in the end. What he did was wrong, no matter if it happened to him as a child or not.
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What he did was wrong mainly because he taught his followers to hate people who are very much like him. Had he not been blinded by this hatred, which then turned inward and made him behave self-destructively, he could have always been healthy and happy as a gay man rather than hurting his wife, his children, and himself.

Basically, he is the poster child of the dangers of what he preached.

Whether he was abused as a child or not is completely irrelevant to me.
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