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Cat Losing Weight/Hair - All tests NEG

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Hi all! Apollo is 13. He was healthy and strong 5 weeks ago. We rescued a kitten that had coccidia and, even though they were in separate rooms, he ended up catching it. We treated him and everyone in the house. The coccidia was gone but he still had diarrhea...for 4 weeks. I went from vet to vet...blood, x-rays, fecal, fecal, name it. Nothing.... One doc put him on a special diet and the diarrhea stopped (1 week ago) but he is still losing weight and his hair. The thing is that I was so frustrated w/the meds not helping that I was giving him acidophilous at the time the diet started so I don't know which one took care of the diarrhea.

I just did blood again this morning to check the thyroid (maybe it did not show last time). The only thing my vet said today was that the liver felt a bit hard but nothing out of the ordinary.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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So all of today's bloodwork came back negative? Do you know what all was done? Liver enzymes? kidney function? Strange the Vet said kitty's liver felt "hard"? Were electrolytes done (eg: potassium)? That one can become low if lots of diarrhea.

What type of medication was kitty on for the coccidia?

How is kitty's appetite?

I've always heard that in senior cats, to accurately test thyroid function, it's best to do a "free T4 level" as opposed to just the basic T4.......because in senior cats and ill cats, their T4 levels can fluctuate a the basic T4 can appear "normal" when in fact it isn't. For the Free T4, you have to specifically ask for this to be run and it costs a bit more.

What kind of special diet was kitty on exactly?
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That is strange.
That happened to Stormy and I thought she was ok then months later i found her almost dead and lost her to arf and maybe kidney cancer.
I hope the vet founds the problem soon.
Can you get xrays?
Another cat I had lost weight and his blood tests were ok so they did a xray and it was kidney stones and he tested pos for dry fip.
I hope your cat feels better.
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Was the blood work in prior to the dr doing the dental ?? did the dr put the kitty under to do the dental or just to a in office scraping of the teeth?? Was the mass noted prior to the dental? Were all the tests in one day?>?
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i'll get today's tests tomorrow or friday
i paid to do the ALL of the ABOVE test (same as last time which was 10/19)
i'll ask about the t4 when the vet calls me back (thanks!) - how is it different?

coccidia - the med that is only 3 days

he was eating fine until 2 days ago when he started eating a bit less because (to top it all off) he broke a tooth while getting away from me (medicine) - i though he had just hit the table 2 weeks ago and bruised himself...but the tooth started hanging 2 days ago...i pulled it out...he started eating had died...all the other teeth are fine and so are his gums (not anemic)

but today he ate well
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Hi there! We did x-rays like 2 1/2 weeks ago and everything looked okay except he had a lot of gas. The gas is now gone (with the diarrhea).
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there was no dental
i decided to do the 1st blood test when the diarrhea would not go away (10/19)
he's been diarrhea free for 1 week and a few days now
but since he's still losing weight and his coat is horrible i decided to do it again (the vet concurred)
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food - he used to eat purina and (cans) fancy feast + 9 lives
now he's on venison and rabbit from royal canin
he'll eat the cans but will not touch the dry food
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how long on new foods ?? coat and wt could be related
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I hope you find the problem soon.
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1 week 1/2 on the new food
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