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Liver problems

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I am cross posting this from another website I belong to. All I can suggest is to follow the Vet suggestions. Any and all input/suggestions are appreciated.

I just took my Boo (5-year old tuxedo cat) to the vet today and they hospitalized her and ran blood work and said that the enzymes were increased in her liver indicating liver disease. Now they recommend keeping her there (on an iv for nutrition and meds) for a few days (I left her
overnight for now) to see if she responds (she had lost 3 1/2 pounds in a month)... they also say they need to perform x-rays and an ultra-sound to
determine the cause. They also gave me the option of taking her home and home medicating and feeding her (through a "bag"??) and then seeing if she
responds to the meds in a few days and holding off on the tests to save $$.

I do not have a job right now, but this cat is my child so I want to do what is best to save her. Please offer any advice you have!!

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The very best advice is what the vet is doing right now. It sounds as if this vet is very aware of procedures for liver disease or problems.
There are no miracle home cures or options for liver problems. If this person has any particular questions on why they are doing these things and such,I would be more than happy to explain any of it.
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