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Tuesday's DT

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Hey guys! Figured I'd start the DT today. I'm sooooo tired. Alex and I had a fight last night and were up past 3am because of it . . . and it's STILL not worked out. Ugh . . . I hate it, and I feel like the living dead, too, since I've had no sleep. He is taking me to lunch so we can talk some more, so hopefully that'll fix things. I wish we just never fought. And last night was a really bad one, too. I just feel so sad and hurt that I'm not even angry!

On another note, I'm starting to pack up my current apartment, since we get the new one Thursday. (We aren't doing the "big move" til Saturday, though; I'm just bringing some small things in my car over there, and sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor until Saturday.) So, if I'm not on for a couple days, it's because I probably have packed my computer!

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Oh Viva, I hope everything works out between you and Alex. It's awful when there's so much tension in the house. You two are probably on edge anyway because of the move. Did you know that moving house is rated as the second top stress-causing event in a persons life, second only to the death of a s/o or child!!

Now that I've made you feel heaps better, good luck with the move.
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Viva I hope that things work out!

I am going thru another round of insomnia! I am so tired! When I actually do manage to get to sleep, I have bizarre dreams.

I hope everyone is doing well. I will try to keep up on the site, but for the next 2 weeks I am conducting testing and training, so won't be on the computer too often. I hope that I don't miss anything exciting!

My fav sports team (The Toronto Rock Lacrosse) beat the Colorado Mammoth this past Saturday and now we are headed for the championship game on Saturday. It is in Rochester and I have already booked my seat for the bus trip down. Anyone know any good places to eat in Rochester near the arena?

Hope you have a good day!
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nothing..just babysit and spend time with hubby now that he is home...
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I'm just hanging out with the cats and dogs, today. Rowdy woke me up, by scratching my back. Fortunately, it was a light scratching. Otherwise, I'd be soaking the sheets in cold water, right now. Buddy was sitting next to me, with a look on his face that said, "I TOLD her not to do that."

Viva, I don't blame you for being stressed - I HATE to move.

Have a good one.
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