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23? Really? Very funny bengal video

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Must have your sound turned on.
This is one of my favorite videos on You Tube. Short but funny.
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It also sounds like she's saying what, what? I'm a cat!
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That cat wanted everybody to know about the birds
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Do you suppose twenty-three was the number of birds the cat counted?
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That's definitely one chattery little kitty! Don't think he'd have much luck sneaking up on the birds, though.
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Awww! That was great! Abby is a chatterbox but certainly not as chatty as that. What a sweetie!
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Loved it! Tweety started "talking" when he heard it!
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That is so cute Nial
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I wonder what she was really saying since Rusty's tail was all puffed up. Both of the girls were looking wondering where the kitty was
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I enjoyed that video, that kitty sure was a chatterbox Arwen makes noises like that when she sees a fly buzzing around
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That cats owner has several video's on the net. He's from Norway I think. He's got some cool Bengals. He has another video where his female is giving birth, and they let the father of the kittens in the room while she's giving birth. It is a very interesting video.
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yeah, I watched that video and then every other cat video that came up! haha

I loved the bengal "meowing" at the birds! Too cute!
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Thats too cute!
My Milo "talks" to birds and other cats and anything outside the window he isnt sure of like that!
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