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Getting a cat to wee

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Is there anyway to encourage a cat to wee apart from offering plenty of water and wet food?

I have to get a wee sample from Kitty for the vet. The problem is he is an indoor/outdoor cat and as I`ve had to keep him in to get the sample he is doing what he usually does and holding it in

Now, as he`s had a wee infection, that can`t be good, can it? How long do you think I should wait? I don`t want him to get sick again because he`s holding it in.

( At least with horses you can shake some straw under their bellies and they go )
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How come the vet can not get a sample?
My vet gets the urine when we go there.
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Well, he thinks he got a UTI from getting stressed out because he got it 2 days after going in for his booster shot, so he doesn`t want me to take him in and get him stressed out again.

I`m hoping he will just hurry up and go because keeping him in stresses him out too
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Has your kitty wee'd yet?? I don't have any advice, I just was trying to imagine if I had to get a sample, that would be imposible!! Worse than when I had to give my cat cough medicine, Now that was tricky!!

I hope you have got everything under control... Go potty, KITTY!!

Take care
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I hope you get a sample soon.
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I don't know if this will work for you, thankfully it works for me. If I get any kind of a plastic box thats big enough for them to go in, I put just enough litter in it to entice them but not enough to cover the whole bottom. I put it in the middle of the floor, if they go in to it, the urine usually all doesn't make it on the litter, and then I take an eye dropper and suction out the urine that doesn't hit the litter. You have to watch them and kind of make them get out of the box before they want to cover it up. Usually, they are all so curious of why its in the middle of the room, they all try to go in it. I have to try and keep the other cats away from it, except the one I want to use it. Good luck.
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Thanks guys!

Well, I gave up. He was indoors for 24 hours and refused to use the litter box for number 1`s or number 2`s, he just held it all in.

Sooo, I figured it was better to let him out to do his business rather than him holding it in and giving himself another infection or something.
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