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Two guest cats

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My boring life has gotten interesting lately ....

One of my step-daughters broke up with her fiance and moved back in with us. She's taken over our downstairs guest bedroom. Now that she has cleared out her apartment she brought over her two female cats, Izzy and Bella, who are strictly indoor cats. I'm pretty sure they are still not fixed. For now she is keeping them in her room, since the stress of moving to a new place is going to be plenty for them to deal with. She's brought over their toys and food bowls so they have something familiar.

Well she called me at work today and Brady (my cat, ex-feral, neutered) can smell them and apparently has been hanging out downstairs near the door so he can get a better whiff and possibly meet them.

I know a little bit about introducing cats to dogs (that'll be the next installment I guess as I have two dogs), but what about cat to cats?
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I would go slow.
Put them in a carrier with your cat on the outside and let them sniff each other.
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I would invest in some feliway diffusers to help calm the newbies.

Keep the 2 girls in their "room" for a week so they have time to settle, meanwhile....get towels that you can rub on Brady & the girls or bedding....and switch them back & forth so they can get used to each other's smell. Give them time to adjust to each other's smell & after 1-2 weeks (depending on the cats) slowly start to introduce them to each other.
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Thanks for the advice! I actually have a Feliway so I'll ask my stepdaughter how she thinks her kitties are doing. They are curious and want to come out but we're keeping the door closed. Good thing too the dogs don't seem to have noticed that we have two new critters in the house.

I'm sort of hoping she won't be with us that long. Not trying to kick her out, but she needs to get back on her feet and living her life.
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what Nat said .. plus you may want some rescue remedy...

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