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red flower hair clip.

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I need your help guys =). My sisters wedding is on a cruise in December. Today I bought my dress, it’s a beautiful red cocktail dress (the wedding is not gowns, just business formal). My plan is to wear little makeup and red lips and have my hair down, waved and one side pulled up with a red flower clip.

Now my question. I never shop online and my town sucks for shopping, where would I go to find such a thing?

Thanks so much guys!
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How crafty are you? I suggest heading to the nearest craft store and getting a hair clip/barrette/bobby pin/hair comb and gluing or sewing on a silk flower of your choice.

For example - at most walmarts you can get barrettes and silk flowers rather inexpensively and some dollar stores may have them,too.

Is that a possibiltiy for you?
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That would be my suggestion as well. Nikki, StarryEyedTiGer, works at a Michael's so she may be able to help you with her expertise.
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*nods* Make your own.

I did that with purple fake flowers, hot glued with a super cheapy glue gun onto basic bobbypins... cute flowers, cheap, and fun!

I made my roomie red ones at the same time.

Remember when gluing them on which way you'll be wearing the clip/pin so that the flower will face the way you'd like.
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What exactly did you have in mind for your flower? Did you know what kind you wanted?

You should be able to get a hair clip from wal-mart or any arts and crafts store (they have TONS of different styles to choose from -pick something descrete that won't stick out obnixiously under a flower but will be strong enough to hold your hair type.)

Once you go to your arts and crafts store and pick out the flower that you want, take some wire cutters and snip the stem at the base of the flower...if you want to secure that the flower is going to firmly stay in place on the clip my suggestion would be to get a little chunk of floral clay and put that on the clip...then put a line of hot glue on top of that and add your flowers. Put some pressure on it for a few seconds until it stays put....let it dry for a few hours and your good to go.

A suggestion on the glue gun....I always use an industrial strength glue gun when I'm designing....keep in mind that the hotter the glue, the better the hold will be so it's nice to get a high heat glue gun if you can. Those cheap small glue guns are useless when it comes to really getting a good bond out of them....the higher the heat the better- so don't skimp on the glue gun

If you can't fix a clip for yourself I'd be more than happy to help you out if you wanna pm me.
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I'm not allowed to have really hot glue guns anymore after that 'incident' in vacation bible school
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
I'm not allowed to have really hot glue guns anymore after that 'incident' in vacation bible school
Oh my...what did you do at vbs??? Geesh, I feel so left out, when I went to vbs all I got was paper and got a glue gun? No fair!

(for the record I still burn myself an average of at least 3x a week with my glue gun at work middle finger on my right hand has a really bad burn at the moment...I burnt it really bad last week then accidently burnt it again in the same spot the other day when I was making a wreath. No matter how careful I am I can't help my clumsiness...I've found if you leave the glue on until it dries instead of ripping it does less damage to the skin...that and burn cream!!!
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We used hot glue guns a lot when working on favors for a convention. In fact, the catch phrase for anything that came apart became "hot glue gun it"!
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Wow awesome! You guys just made my life a lot easier lol. I am not crafty AT ALL, so the thought of creating my own clip didn’t even occur to me. What a great idea! That way I can pick whatever flower I want.

Its going to be a few days before I attempt this but ill post a pic when I’m done.

Thanks again guys, what a great idea.
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