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New to fleas

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I know that there are many posts on this forum about fleas. I need to start from the very beginning. I have never had to deal with them as I do now. I think this started a couple months ago when My husband and I rescued a pomeranian dog who wandered to far from home.

Today I was petting Zoey and noticed she had some scabs on her neck and I think I found flea droppings on her neck. I immediatly went in to overdrive and started checking all my cats. I have a long haired white cat who has noticable flea droppings in his hair. I checked my other cats and couldn't find anything. I have torn down their bedroom upstairs and am going to wash bedding. I will go get Revolution tomorrow at vets. My question is can I use store bought flea spray on the baseboards? Is that dangerous also? I only have carpeting upstairs and I can shut the bedroom door. I know I have read about the diatamitious(sp) earth and I know what it is but it may not be available in my small town.
I also have heard to put a flea collar in my vaccum cleaner. Are fleas really hard to get rid of? I feel awful for my cats.
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Revolution works great!I use it on all 5 of my cats and all the fosters as well.I wouldn't use any store bought flea products!from my understandingthey contain pesticides that ca be harmful or even fatal to your cat!!I know frontline sells a spray ( not sure if it can be used on floorboards and such) and there is also foggers you can buy that are made ecspecially for fleas!until you get the revolution you can bathe the cats in dawn (regular unscented) dish detergant and then comb with a flea comb ( dipping the comb into a bowl of water with dawn in it to kill the fleas) this will kill the fleas but not the eggs!Good luck?
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Thank you! I just washed my long haired cat with dawn and he isn't happy. I will get the revolution in the morning. How am I going to clean the mattress's on the beds? I'm sure the little buggers get into those too. Thank god I have to rip up carpeting on my stairs. I will only have to worry about the bedroom carpets upstairs. This is freaking me out!!! What about the couches? What do I put on those. So far from checking the cats the fleas have really concentrated on my elderly long haired cat. My short haired cats don't have flea droppings on them like he did. Zoey must have an allergic reaction to the bites cause she has a few scabs on her neck. I am gonna itch all night....
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My personal opinion on flea sprays? I don't like to use them, even when purchased from a vet. I had a greyhound who was poisoned by a vet purchased flea spray product that had to be rushed to the vet. I sprayed it on the underside of the sofa cushions and he laid on top of them 2 hours later. The lingering fumes got him. Some animals don't respond well to them.

Everything else you are doing makes very good sense. But order food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) online. Food grade DE can be ingested by animals with no problems. Until it arrives, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum as well as you can. DE is worth its weight in gold. I had a horrible infestation one year (when I lived on the farm and the dogs brought them in), and got rid of them in a few days after treating the carpet.
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The revolution treatment is done on all 6
I hope the fleas drop dead ASAP!!!

Now comes the clean up!!! My poor babies.

I will order the food grade diatomaceous earth online.

After the dog came into our house I remember seeing a small bug and asked what fleas looked like. I was under the assumtion they were really really tiny. Last night after I bathed Ollie in Dawn I found a live flea and it was exactly what I saw where the dog was sleeping....

Thank you so much for your input and help!!!
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