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where is everyone these days? yes, you, where are you?

come in and say hello to me! i miss you.
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Just got home from tending to my horses, the cats are chowing and the dog is outside whining for his dinner!
Have you started quitting smoking yet?
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Bonehead's Mom!!!

Hello!!! how are you?!

...well, i've been thinking about it a lot actually, i
have an appointment with my Doctor for next week (after my birthday!)
to get a prescription for Zyban - i think... it's what my father used,
it allows you to smoke while taking the pills and then you can slowly
wean yourself off the cigarettes, and by then the pills are doing what
they're supposed to do! i dont think i can go cold turkey so, this is
what i'm going to do

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I'm okay considering I went back to work after a week off.
Good move waiting until after your birthday!
Let me know how it goes with the Zyban, maybe I'll give it a shot next time! They say it usually takes a few times to quit sucessfully...I guess practice makes perfect, so I should be able to get it right one of these days!:laughing: :laughing:
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I am here blue, we are cleaning out the shop and the horses are helping! LOL Racer was really interested in the big feather duster and he craned his head up as I swept the cobwebs out of the corner, but he took off in a dead run when a cobweb floated down right in front of his face! LOL He is such a goof! Both he and Trav show no fear when it comes to coming into the shop, even on the concrete floor. Kahuna my alpha cat kept stealing the regular feather duster- I guess he thought it was a very inanimate bird!

Good luck in quitting smoking, I know you can do it!
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hi Hissy!

sometimes i am just so envious of your life, how i would love to be
living out in the country with horses and all

i'm glad you're having a good day

everyone else, come in and say hello, tell me about your day
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LOL, okay okay, I am here. Not much new here. Trying stop itching at the thought of a tick on my daughter. Wondering how to come up with at least 1500.00 for the trip in Sept.
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you will quit when you're ready, dont beat yourself up about it

i'm sure when you put your mind to it, you won't have any troubles

Hi Sandie, tick? she okay?
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Smoking sucks...cant quit just yet!!!
Tick..yes...its being sent to the lab and tested for Lyme's. Thank goodness I was aleady at the Dr office for her asthma.
LOL..highlight of today, little girl in my daughers class about peed when she saw my eye ring.LOL
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WAKE UP everyone !

Sandie, eye ring? let us know what the test results are - i hope she's alright

has anyone seen/talked to Debby lately? i am worried :confused2
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I took vacation this week and being doing STUFF!!! Clothes shopping for hubby, myself and the son...mostly underware and jeans...Then I am working at my second job at the Medical School in their Clinical Skills Center (we are testing 3rd yr.med. students in their Surgery rotation) So, haven't been able to post or lurk much...
GOOD LUCK on quitting smoking. It will be one of the best things you could do for your health!!!
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Hello! I don`t get too much of a chance to be on the computer during the summer months. We have a 35 foot fifth wheel camper with a 24 foot screened deck about 30 minutes from our home. So, the kitties and I usually stay there for the summer months. I come home on my way back from work occasionally to play around with the computer, though. Last week we found a 3-4 week old kitten at the campground in the middle of the road. He was not a happy sight. His little face was covered with dried secretions from his eyes and nose. He weighed in at 10 ounces. We named the feisty little guy(who didn`t want to be rescued) Rocky. He is now thriving and healthy(and happy to have been rescued!) So, now I guess I have to say that we have 7 cats instead of 6 cats.
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Things just seem so busy these days. I never seem to get to the computer. I feel weeks behind in all the threads. Don't know how I'll ever catch up. Good luck with the quitting smoking. I hope you are successful.
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I just came back from spending a week with my daughters who live in Pitt. Pa. I had to take the kitties with too. the thought of leaving them home with the boys was well you know boys will be boys!! It was great to be with the girls but I missed my computer a bit & it's good to be home. Looks like I missed a lot.
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I have been in bed since Monday afternoon, not being able to walk other than with little baby steps - all my joints in my legs, knees and neck are swollen and painful - I am sick to my stomache, can't eat and feeling all around terrible! Usually I don't succomb to sickness, and I HATE not being able to do stuff, but I can't even clean my foster cats cages - I just asked Sandy to come over Saturday and Donna to come on Sunday, and oh yeah, Michele - how about Friday night? I have Lyme - and it is reoccuring - the first time was ten years ago. Everytime it comes back it is 100 times worse and this time I am having a real problem coping. I spent all day in bed today until my husband came and took me to the doctor - I have started on the antibiotics and he is keeping me out of work for a week at this point - but he said if I am not walking better by Monday I may have to do the IV treatment and be out a lot longer. It is a really good thing I work for the State and have a lot of sick time saved up.

Anyway, enough of me being a baby - I now have time to just sit on the couch in my computer room and work with one of my shy rescues to help socialize him to he can get placed into a home. And because I was home today, I placed my four kittens who were ready to go to homes. I am now down to seven kittens that will be ready to go to homes in two weeks, two purebred American Curls from a rescue situation and two moms who need to be spayed and placed. I place everyone in the beginning of June and don't take any new kitties in while I am on vacation the last two weeks of June so I don't have kitties here for two weeks with no chance of finding a home. Then I start all over again in July.
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Well I missed bieng here but my hubby was in!!! Hope you understand ! I had a great visit with him! I am looking forward to July! I will be on the road with him so You will not see any new posts from me at that time!
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Being sick of being sick is what I've been doing
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Rene....I am so sorry to hear of your Lymes disease. That must be awful....I am saying a prayer for you. Hope you are better soon!!!!!

Blue....I am here! I just was sick for a week...Kidney infection.
Glad I was missed!!!
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you were very missed ! are you alright? what happened?

so glad to see you back!!!!!
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