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Boxweiler that likes cat in danger PTS

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Please, please anyone who can help?

This lovely boxer/rottie mix is in a shelter in NC per
NCRottie Rescue, on death row. I've offered via email
multiple times to help by fostering, no word from the rescue group!

Can someone closer to there do something? This lovely 5 yr
old is cat friendly (ignores them) is house broken and
has basic obedience. He looks lovely if you like the boxer
look, and from what they said is a mellow boy.

I have 4 cats and a bf with 2 large doggies - a boxer and boxweiler -
and he liked this boy alot too. I would foster him in my home and let him
socialize with and play over at the BFs on weekends, while
they worked to find a permanent home.

Either they aren't reading email or are not getting my message
or have already rescued this one. Either way I'd LOVE to know,
because I really really want to save this boy!

Go to www.ncrottierescue.net http://ncrottierescue.net/#DeathRow

look at his picture!! His name is Duke. He is beautiful....

Since they are ignoring me...

Help him out someone!!
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Whew. Update. They answered me back! I may be able to help save/rescue/foster Duke after all!! Stay tuned. Poor boy looks
so SAD in his photos! He's been abandoned by the only family he
knew, poor thing. And he was So Thin in the pictures...

He probably needs to weigh in round 80lbs - and he's 77 now,
all skin n bones...

Well, if I get him, it will be interesting with the kitties. Adjustment
for all of them, and a bit of stress for us. Still, he'll be OUT of
danger, in a loving foster *home* environment not a shelter, in an area where he MIGHT find a home faster than NC. And you know, his looks are pretty boxer like, so there will be folks who want him I imagine...

And he can have the BFs doggies to play with and have fun
with and exercise with at the farm. And he'll get socialization.
And lots of love when I'm with him. Fingers crossed this works out
for us all. Duke deserves a good landing after his stay at the
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He's really a sweet looking dog.
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You are doing a great thing for Duke!! I hope the others find foster homes too.
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Bless you for your willingness to foster Duke. He seems like a really sweet dog.
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Yeah, I hope Duke gets me or someone else, anyone, to help him.
How horrid to dump or leave an animal. rotties and boxers are very
deovted dogs, and once they bond they have difficulty leaving the
bond behind. The get sad, they don't understand being left.

I rescued a Boxweiler and gave to the BF - it was a deliberately
bred rottie boxer mix (why oh why god??!!!) and the poor boy
grew to 100 lbs - too big for the condo in which the lady
who had him kept him. Also she had 18 mo old. GRRR.

Brutus (we call him bruti or brewti) is such a nice dog.
He is highly energetic and needs to run and exercise, and now
with the BFs 5 acre farm he gets that. He also has lots
of itneraction with people, we take at least 1 time per wk to
the local beer garden where doggies are welcome and spoilt
(they get bratwurst and donner left overs). He lOOOVEs
to ride in the truck cause it means = beer garden!!!

He has a sister to live with so he's part of a "pack" and in all
a much much happier, healthier dog than before.

I hope to provide Duke the start he needs to get adopted
into a home like Mike's (BF). That way, he will be cherished
and loved and spoilt like a boxer/boxweiler/rottie needs -
they NEED their people.
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