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Why is she gaining weight?

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Well I was so happy when I switched Tessie to Wellness Core about 1 1/2 months ago. I have been portioning her meals 1/4 cup dry in the morning and 3oz can at night (before she was free feed on dry). I weighed her a couple weeks ago and it said she lost 1/2 a pound which is great, but then I went to weight her this morning and she gained 1lb. I guess I did not weigh her right the first time. You can also tell she has put on more weight.
I don't know what to do. I do not want to switch her to all wet becuase she enjoys the dry, I like giving the variety an all wet diet is to expensive. I was wondering if I should just put her back on the regular Wellness Indoor and portion that too see if it helps.
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how old is she???

remember there is a good size calorie difference in the core and reg wellness
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She is 4 years old. What do you think would be smarter, cutting back to 1/8 cup of core or giving her 1/4 cup regular Wellness.
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I think I would ask your vet ...

what is she supposed to weigh ??

ie 10lb cat that should be 8lb .... 3oz plus 1/8 would likely work
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O i should mention that... I went to the vet 2 months ago and she weight 12lbs. I was told by the vet he wanted too see her at 10-9lbs. He wanted me to cut back on the food just a little bit, so instead of the 1/2 cup core I was giving her I am now only giving her the 1/4 and she is still gaining.
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try more wet .. can you handle more wet ?? if so maybe 1/8th cup core with 5 oz of wet

do run this by your vet , wt mgmt is a vet overseen issue
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many cats are fine with just the 5 oz of wet
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