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I have a cat who is probably a year old now, she was an adopted dumped kitten, and she had 7 little kittens 5 days ago. She has been a wonderful mother and very attentive to her little babies, but that is only during the day, when night comes she wanders off and leaves them for hours, i have to call her back to feed them, and she will feed them and off she goes again. If i do not wake in the night, thankfully i am a nursing mum too, she would not come back until morning. Why is she doing this? Is it possible for them to get enough milk in the day to get through the night?? I worry about the kittens that they are not warm enough or getting enough milk. The other strange thing is that it has been raining for the last 3 days and she still goes off, and when she come sback she is all wet and goes into the box with them.
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She needs to confined to the house with her babies and not allowed outside. Not only could she become injured or killed by a car or other animal but she can also get pregnany again. Get her inside with her babies and she probably will settle and stay with them more often. Yes they do need her all night long at only 5 days old....
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Yes, she should be with her kittens all night long, kittens that young need to be fed every couple of hours. If I were u, I would NOT let her outside until she is spayed and the kittens are older. The last thing u would want is for her to get preggo again, or worse, killed. If something happened to her, you would have to bottle feed 7 kittens, and, im sure u have your hands full with your own baby.
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Agree - confine her to one room and do not let her out. Cats can get pregnant again when nursing kittens. She could be out with toms.
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