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Cynthia, I just noticed in your sig that you mention Cocoa, your service dog. What's a service dog? Is he/she like a seeing-eye dog or a 'hearing' dog for people who are deaf?

Just curious.
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hearing dogs for the deaf are great - I am deaf, but I dont have one - a few of my friends have them and they are great...one day, I would like to have one though.
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Do you have to apply for a helper dog? Do you have to pass/complete some sort of program? Tell me all you know LOL.
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what I do know is the dog has to go through a lot of training, they have to be actually registered as a service dog....I dont really know that much but if you want, I can find out for you?
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Only if it's not too much trouble, mate. I have a great interest in the different ways that animals are used to help us humans, stemming from being in the middle of my Psychology degree.

I've seen TV programs where elderly people will come out of a catatonic state or really sick kids will actually smile while they bring a 'wellness pet' into a nursing home or hospital. Having pets is supposed to lower your blood pressure too - even goldfish!

They train monkeys to help out physically disabled people too, I think.
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Here's a site that will give you some background information:

NEADS - National Education For Assistance Dog Services

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Kumbulu, there you go, Kass has done it for you.
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