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I wonder, when they did the endoscopy if just the tube going down her throat/esophagus, etc...maybe caused some irritation to throat and that has something to do with it?

You might want to try some canned food that contains gravy......even those little Whiskas pouches......she may just like licking the gravy, which is better than nothing. Most cats go nuts for the gravy (though a lot of cats aren't crazy about the 'chunks' of meat (mystery meat LOL) within the gravy. When I've had ill cats in the past, I'll squeeze on the gravy from these pouches and put it on top of their regular canned food....and it helps to encourage them eating.

Also, canned food (even when it's fresh out of the can) is always more smelly when it's been warmed just a touch.....so you may want to nuke it for 15 seconds or whatever; just test it with your finger to ensure it's not hot though!

Depending on how aggressive they were at cleaning beneath her gums, it is possible that her gums are a little inflamed and that's part of the problem?

Did they offer to do dental xrays when she was there? Lots of times a resorptive lesion is beneath the gumline and only detected by xray.

I can't remember; did the vet give you an appetite stimulant? (Mirtrazapine or Cyproheptadine)

It's great that she did eat some Wellness while you were at the store, that's super!
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I've been adding extra water to her food to make it so she doesn't get dehydrated and can just lap it up if she wants. The Meow Mix is basically chunks of tuna in gravy, but she didn't seem to have a problem with eating it before today.

The vet gave me some Cyproheptadine to give her. 1/4th a tablet twice a day. I have been crushing it in her food, but this afternoon I had to pill her since she wasn't eating. Even with a pill gun it's no easy task, since it's so small.

They did do x-rays on her looking for a foreign body, but not specific dental x-rays since they couldn't find anything obvious by probing and the only thing they could find was a touch of gingivitis on one tooth. The vet said she had very nice teeth aside from the tartar. I kind of wish they had done them in case there was a cavity or something under the gumline, but I'm pretty sure it has to be done under general anesthetic, and by the time I thought about it the proceedure was over.

Her teeth are whiter and her breath definitely smells better, though.

Update: I mixed some water in with about half a can of the Brandon Farms Naturals turkey and turkey liver I bought at Freddy's to make a paste about the consistency of applesauce, and she inhaled it like she was starving. So we're back to normal eating I think. Whew.

Also, thank you for all the vibes and input, everyone. It's really helped me through this a lot.
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WOOHOO!!!! Awesome that she loves her new food, that's fantastic, that must be such a relief :-)

In the future, though I hope her appetite continues, when using the Cypro to stimulate appetite, you need to give it to kitty and then wait about 30 minutes for it to have been absorbed by the tummy in order for it to have the appetite-stimulant effect; if you give it with food it won't do too much. Strangely, back when Taco was first diagnosed as Diabetic, it was a real struggle to get him to eat meals at set times (he'd been used to free feeding on dry for years).....and i had to ensure he ate all of his canned food prior to giving his insulin. I used Cypro but for him, I found that it took 2 hours for it to take effect....then he was really hungry.

Sometimes when giving such a tiny portion of a pill, it's easier if you put the pill portion in an empty gelatin capsule. you can get these online and at health food stores. I always order mine from www.iherb.com. Do a search there, "gelatin capsules." the size #3 would be a good size for giving such a small pill portion.......small enough but not so small that you can't grasp it easy with fingers while trying to pill. I just put a little olive oil on the end that's going into the mouth to sorta 'lube it up'.......then follow with 3 ccs of water by syringe (inserted slowly). I use gelcaps for almost every med I give to my cats; it's great especially for bitter tasting pills, they just don't taste it......and it's only gelatin, so it dissolves in their tummy very easily.
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I decided to stop with the Cypro, since she hated having the pill shoved down her throat and is eating OK now without it. I did figure out that the Clavamox in her food was making her sick to her stomach, so I settled on a system of feeding the cats when I get up, then giving her the medication when I get home for lunch so there's some time for her stomach to empty out. Then I feed them once I get home and giving her the second dose before I go to bed.

So far it's been working well. She is back to her old habits of sleeping on the back of the couch and greeting me at the door instead of hiding under the shelves or bed. She is still reluctant to eat crunchy food items, though. Once I finish the antibiotics I'll take her back in so they can get another blood and urine sample to see about her liver and kidneys.
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