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Missed one, alone & hungry since Sat., please send prayers!

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I missed a kitten! I never saw more than three at a time, and the neighborhood agreed there were only three, too, so when I caught the third kitten Monday morning, I didn't reset the trap. This poor baby has been without his momma (which means he hasn't eaten!) since Saturday!

I'm so upset. I've been watching the area all along, just in case there were more, but decided to take the trap back to the shelter this evening on the way home, only to get here and hear the poor baby crying his heart out.

See here for the whole story.

I couldn't get momma back into the cat carrier tonight to use as bait, so I scruffed two of her kittens and put them in there, then put some smelly cat food in the trap. Everyone please pray that this last little fellow will take the bait!!! He's a very wily little guy - he keeps getting close, but he hasn't gone in far enough to set it off yet and the slightest little sound sends him running. Unfortunately, the idiots who live in the house closest to his location keep coming outside to "smoke a butt" even though they know I'm trying to catch a kitten! Every time they come out, he runs off to other yards and then cowers in the grass and cries and cries.

I feel awful. But I'm praying and praying he'll go into the trap.
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Aww Bless him he goes in the trap
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Still nothing.

I hate to leave two more out there all night, but I can't stay awake any longer (been fighting off an infection, antibiotics and all, since Thursday). They've got a nice thick blanket in the carrier with them, plus another one over it. It looks like their crazy brother/sister has gone to ground for the night; hopefully, he/she will enter the trap as dawn breaks.

That's certainly what I'm praying for.

The momma kitty's so ticked off that I tried to stuff her in the carrier AGAIN, she hasn't come out from under the bed all night. Not even to eat. *sigh* I'm hoping once I get the whole family back together, she'll relax once more. It may take a while, though, since that's the second time in three days I've "scruffed and stuffed" her.

Sheez, I'm all stiff and sore from being so tense (I HATE grabbing scared cats!!!) and I never did get my dinner. Of course, none of that really matters. If I can finish this rescue, it'll be worth it and then some.
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Praying for you here hope you get the little one soon please keep us updated
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Sending lots of prayers that you get ahold of the litle one.
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I don't know where the kitten is this morning; the trap was empty and he's no where to be seen.

I'll put food in the trap today and tonight, but I'm done trying to use his mother/brothers/sisters as bait. The whole family is so mad and scared right now. One of the kittens I left out last night screamed when I lifted him out of the crate this morning and his mother came flying out from under the bed and attacked me. My hands are clawed from the kitten, my leg is shredded from the mom.

The things we go through to rescue these little guys. And none of this would have been necessary if the loser who abandoned Lucinda (the momma) had taken just a few minutes to do the responsible thing by her.

I hate people sometimes.

And now I have to go to work knowing that a kitten is out there dying.
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Oh my gosh... I hope and pray that you can catch that little one before it's too late!

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seems like every cat family has that one kitten who's way more skittish than the others. i spent a day trapping a family, the mom was fairly tame so no problem with her, and 3 of the 4 kittens were trapped one after the other, took about 10 mins. the 4th one took another several hours to catch. keep trying, unless he's getting food from somewhere else eventually that will win out and he'll have to go in the trap. this actually sounds like a situation for a drop-trap, do you have any access to one? good luck!!
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Maybe someone found him and is taking care of him
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Still no kitten. I've re-baited and re-set the trap, but I don't even hear him crying anymore.

Thanks for your concern, everyone.

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Oh I hope you find the poor lil kitty!I will pray for him and you both!!Good luck!
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I got him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I had all but given up hope, my next-door neighbor called to tell me the little bugger was in the trap.

He's saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's wild and crazy as can be, though. Totally insane. He was tearing around the kitten room like the devil was after him. But his mother accepted him right away, even after a full week's separation, so yeah, yeah, yeah!!!!!!!

The whole family is safe and sound!!!

Thank you everyone for your support over this past week!
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That the best news
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Whoohoooo!!!! Once he calms down... he'll be fine. I bet he was glad to see his Mama!
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Great news!! Wow, good for you , your persistence really paid off. I was so worried about that little guy and now he is safe and sound!!
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You are still in the mainstream of Lords blessing and luck.

Do also buy a lot from a lottery. Promise though a substantial part of the win will go to a good cat shelter or such. "Doctors without boundaries" or similiar human-helping organisation is also OK.

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Woo Hoo!
So happy the little one is safe with it's family!
Great job!
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I am so pleased to hear you got the little one back
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YaY! you Got him!

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