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He's ignoring me!

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Last week on my trip to Petsmart, I stopped to say hello to the cats/kittens. Well, there was one there that looked exactly like the kitty I "lost" a few weeks ago (we found her at work, I took her home, her family called the next day looking for her - I was in tears!!). The shelter volunteers were there that night, I had her out to play and they told me I could take her home that evening.

Since George is my baby , I wanted to think about it - he wasn't all that crazy about the kitten (5 months) in the house - for all of 24 hrs. But this fur ball that I couldn't stop thinking about had been at the shelter for 6 months!! She's long haired tortie colored almost 1.5 yrs old. I couldn't stop thinking about her. So on Thursday night I picked her up.

To make a long story shorter, the two of them (I've named her Ellie May - which is pretty much what I had picked out for the "lost" kitty) are co-existing great for living together for such a short time - much better than I had expected. She so wants to be friends with George, he right now is tolerating her.

Me on the other hand, he's pretty much ignoring!!! When I first brought him home from the shelter he took a while to warm up to me so part of me knows that he'll come around. But it hurts that my baby is having a hard time....please reassure me that it will get better!!!!
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Of course he'll get over it. He's just letting you know that "he's the boss." It's good that George and Ellie May are getting along.

Years ago I was living with my mother and my 2 cats. One of them decided to sleep with her. She went on a trip for about 2.5 weeks and when she came back, Spot (the cat) ignored her for about a week.
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George, stop ignoring your meowmmy
Don't feel bad, JC & Joey & I have to stay at my mom's for a couple of weeks, & JC isn't pleased at being confined in 1 room. I bought a new teaser, which he sporadically enjoys, but most of the time just walks by it, deliberately ignoring it & me. I wave it till my arm hurts, and he paces back & forth by it, but doesn't acknowledge it or me
Sending vibes that our boys "get over it" very soon
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