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PIXIE'S First Gotcha Day..

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Tomorrow Nov 12th will be Pixie's first Gotcha Day with myself and the boys. She's amused me a great deal the past year and I have to say out of all the cats I have ever had, or those that my friends and family have had she is by far the most interesting little character of any of them..
Her transition into my house was so fast it was like she had always lived there. I brought her home from the shelter opened her carrier and the first thing she did was find the food dish and have a snack. Next she used both of the litter boxes, and then laid down in Sassy's basket and went to sleep. Within a day she was holding Linus down and cleaning his ears, and giving Sassy little pokes with her paw whenever he walked by. Honestly the guys didn't know what to do with her. I think Linus hissed at her once and got one of her famous " what the heck is your problem stares". Even Sassy decided it was just easier to share his basket then argue with her.
She is quite the girl
Anyways hers my Pretty girl in all her favorite poses.

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She's a doll, kiss that little pink nose for me Happy Gotcha DAY!
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Happy gotcha day gorgeous...
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She's such a pretty girl! Happy Gotcha day, Pixie!
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Aww happy GOTCHA day, Pixie! She's so beautiful
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Happy GOTCHA DAY, Pixie. She looks just like her name!
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Aww so cute! Thanks for sharing!xxx
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Happy Gotcha day Pixie she is a doll!!
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Awww look at your gorgeous girl Happy Gotcha Day Pixie!
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Awww, congrats! Chloe's first gotchya day was this week too (the 10th).

Pixie looks like she has quite the personality
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Happy Gotcha Day beautiful!
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
Happy Gotcha Day beautiful!
That's exactly what I was going to say!
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Her beautiful eyes would have me doing whatever she wanted, too.

Happy Gotcha Day Gorgeous!
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Thanks everyone, Pixie of coarse has spent her special day as Miss Queen Bee of the household. Her gifts included a new scratching post and several catnip toys. She even got to have some cheesy popcorn which is her favorite treat right at this moment.
Right now she is lounging across the back of the recliner chirping at the ceiling fan apparently she is telling it about her day.
She is a silly girl....
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Awww! What a sweet story, and what a beautiful kitty! I can see how she just walked into everyone's hearts!
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I missed it!


She sounds like such a wonderful love - and those eyes! Those are definitely "you are under my spell...." eyes!

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