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I have officially heard EVERYTHING.

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The news just reported on some local man's complaint about a talking Fisher-Price doll he bought for his little girl. The doll babbles in unintelligible babytalk -- but this fellow claims that it's actually saying, "Islam is the light!" He says it's a devious plot to convert Christian children to Islam, and he doesn't understand why the store hasn't pulled it off the shelves!

Well, this supposed Islamic message was played several times in the report, and all I can hear is babytalk. The last couple of syllables might be something like "delight," but aside from that, there's nothing in it that sounds like anything. It's ludicrous!

And the very last thing we need in this country is yet another fanatic fanning the flames of religious paranoia.
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Hmmm I heard Islam is the light but I'm sure that's due to power of suggestion. If I'd have listened to the doll without reading the news about it I probably would've heard just babble. Also people are saying the doll says Satan is King. I didn't hear that at all. People are whack jobs
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I heard about this a couple of weeks ago. Crazy, isn't it?

People who come up with this crap really need to find a new hobby. It reminds me of the "gay teletubby" nonsense from a few years ago.
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And didn't one of the Beatles albums say when played backwards "Paul is dead"????? I had the album - I never heard it.
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Snopes even dealt with this one. Don't people think? (Ok, I should know the answer to that one judging from some of the questions I get at the reference desk ) I'm sooo sure a giant toy corporation is interested in changing people's religious beliefs.

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Yeap, I heard this a few weeks ago, and watched it online very intently(lol) and I never did understand what the doll said....
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Sounds like "Islam is the light" to me too.
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wow...I heard it from that youtube clip...weird
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it totally sounds like Islam is the light
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Yup, that's what it sounded like to me, too. I can't believe Fisher Price would really do that.
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