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Time for a Bigger Window

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I think is time to get a bigger cat shelf.

There was a bird outside the house. Gus, Nall, and Yoda were plotting to get the bird.
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Now that is a perfect shot!!! I love that picture!!!
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What a cute pic! It's puuurrrrrfect!
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Now that's a Caption This contender if I've ever seen one! Great pic!!
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That is really cute - I LOVE it. Your kitties are adorable!!

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What a fantastic photo!!!
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Perfect !! Just lovely .. Thank You for sharing muchly
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Great pic! You wouldn't have been able to get such a good pic of your babies in a million years if you tried to pose them!
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That is a terrific photo! You have pretty 'kids'. Post more pictures !
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heehee yes time for a bigger window. . . .

. .. so you can fit MORE cats. . .
. . .so you can take more terrific pics
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LOL!!! That is the Sweetest Picture! What a perfect shot!!

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Perfect! Three-part harmony if I ever saw it.
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That's why I'm grateful for the wide windows, in our house. It seems as though it was designed for multiple cats.
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Awww Great pic . I love the fluffy tail!!
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LOL! Worse case scenario, I guess you could widen the bench.
How much do each of them weigh? Just curious.......

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Are your kitties trained? I mean to not jump out of the window... lol Whenever I leave my window open enough for their heads to get out they try to jump... and I dont want squashed kitty on the drive way lol...

Cute piccie!! Post more!!
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The two largest windows, in my house, have couches in front of them. Good thing, too - Buddy doesn't fit well on the narow windowsills.
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That is a cute picture. Note to self..gotta get one of those window seat shelf things!
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They won't jump out the window. There is a screen in the window plus its on the second story.
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What a great photo!
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That second story bit doesnt stop my kitties LOL...
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That's such a cute picture of them! Looks like they have a comfy seat
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That is such a cute picture!
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