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Please Help! Opinions on Home Upgrades?

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I would love your opinion!

I'm a property manager, and can afford to do one upgrade. If you were one of the tenants, or a potential tenant, would you rather it be a new paint job, or new windows?

Thanks so much for sharing your opinion!!

Edit: Psh tried to make it a poll, but I somehow screwed up, sorry! I blame it on Evie laying right in the way!
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I would go for new windows (unless of course you already had really good windows), it will cut down on your heating bill and be better for the environment.

Of course, it depends of the state of your apartment. But maybe you could ask the owner to buy some paint and you could paint yourself (while he spends the money he has on new windows)? The paint wouldn't cost him much and you would have the best of both worlds (that is, assuming you like painting walls )

edit to add: sorry, I misread your post and didn't realize you were the manager, not the tenant. But I guess the same could apply.
I would still go for the windows... when I look for an apartment I'm much more concerned about good windows than about a good paint job (actually, I'm always suspicious of freshly painted apartments because often that's done to cover mold, and I'm very sensitive to mold)
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Hmmm, it would depend if one or the other was in way worse shape.

If the paint and the windows were both equal then I would choose windows because they are where a lot of heat and cool air can leak (costing $$$$) and also where a theif can get in.
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Thanks! To answer your questions, it's external paint, not inside (sorry, forgot to mention that!) and they're in about equal shape. Worn and need replacing, but functional.

More opinions welcomed and wanted!
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Well, depending on how much you need to paint and all, a gallon of paint is only about $20-30 depending on the brand and all (I use bher's low VOC formulas) so that's a cheap upgrade unless you're hiring a professional to do it.

Windows if you get more energy efficient ones will help keep the house insulated better which will overall reduce the tenants utility bills overall and it will be better for the environment. I think that would be a worthwile upgrade too.
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I would also go for the windows. I lived for a while in Upstate NY winters in a place with 30+ year old windows, single pane. My heating bill was horrendous. If the tenant(s) is paying their own heating/electric bill, they would thank you profusely for new windows. If you're paying the heating bill, you will notice a difference, especially if you get truly cold winters where you are. Fresh paint is nice, especially if you get a high turnover of tenants and want to impress potentials on first glance. But I'd seriously go for the windows, especially if the current ones are single pane.

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windows I would loe the new triple pane jobs
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I would also agree with replacing the windows. Another item before the paint would be to replace/refresh the flooring.
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Replace with UPVC double glazed windows if you do them there?. No more painting, retain heat brilliantly........perfect!
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Definitely the windows! We have 40 year old windows in our building, and finally they're getting replaced this winter. Can't wait!!
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I'd go with the windows. For al lthe reasons stated above, but also because I know people who've complained to no end if thier landlord painted the dwelling and they didn't like the colour. (seems silly to me if somone's willing to paint for you )
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I would go with new windows, that might cut heating costs which might alow for further updates with the money saved.
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I'd say windows also. Windows are an intergral part of the structure where as paint is mostly cosmetic.
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