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After Amputation advice needed.

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One of our rescues (Trivette) needs to have his right front leg amputated. This is our first ever animal that we have ever had to have this kind of surgery on.

Though his vet appointment is next Thursday I have the Jitters and I need some advice on everything I can do to help him recover.

Had anyone else had to do this? Any pointers? Can you tell me about the days following the surgery?

this is Trivette

Thanks in Advance Mandie
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My friends dog had cancer and lost her leg to it.
She was in alot of pain after.
It did work out great though and Cloe acted liek nothing happened.
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Is your kitty having an amputation done because of a cancerous tumor? I know that many kitties who develop "vaccine associated sarcoma" (aka VAS) end up requiring amputation of a limb. If this is the case for your kitty, I'd encourage you to join the VAS Group on Yahoo. Many members there have kitties who underwent an amputation and they've done wonderfully, and they'd be able to give you lots of support and info, based on their experiences. Here's the address, you'll have to "Join" the group to post and read messages:
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the_food_lady His leg needs to be amputated b/c of nerve Damage. He drags his foot around.

We recieved him Sept 19.(he had been dumped on a highway) and have been watching and waiting to see if it would work out.

The vet had said he may regain use or he may not. But he wanted to wait untill he was older and healthier b/4 he operated.

His leg is stiff now bent. and it got infected b/c its "dead" He finished a round of antibiodics and its better. His nails have turned black. And his pads are whithered up.

He drags it and his shoulder sags and I cannot think of the damage that would cause long term.

would I still be able to join?

this is him when he came

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God bless you for rescuing this precious little angel, she's gorgeous!! Thanks for providing more info.

I don't see why it would be a problem for you to still join that group; there are many, many members there whose kitties required an amputation of the leg and though the reasons for having it done were different, I'm sure in most cases the recovery process would have been the same and I'm sure they'd be able to answer a lot of the basic questions you have. I did email the owner of the group to explain your kitty's situation.

Don't be afraid, too, to ask the Vet as many questions as you can think of, prior to the surgery because you might be feeling a little overwhelmed following. From what I've heard, cats and dogs do very well following amputation and end up totally compensating for that lost limb and can get around no problem; it's like they don't even realize they're missing a leg.

God bless you both!
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I *think* most vets take the leg off at the joint to prevent the bone from coming through it they just take off the foot (if that makes sense).

With amputations in shelter kitties, we've had to keep the incision covered. Be prepared for a lot of stitches/fairly large wound there - it always seems so huge with amputations. He'll be very sore for awhile, but they adapt quickly. It will hinder his ability to play much less with that "dead foot" gone!
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HEre is link to one of my threads done when one of mine had to have an amputation, it does show after pics, in teh UK we dont cover the incision, just keep a buster collar on and cage rest for 10 days.
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As you can Imagine I have my questions and worries.

He is such a little trooper

white cat lover...I believe he is having it amputated at the shoulder.

I had gotten a second opinion on him from a friend in a different state whose hubby is a vet and He said it would be better for him in the long run to just remove it all. It does make a lot a sense it being removed at the joint rather than just the middle of a bone where it would fragment and be sharp.

TY so much booktiger!!!! Reading through your thread was very helpful.

Ok I have this one question though I hope its not to weird.

will he be able to potty afterwards? not the pottying part but the digging in the litter would have to be hard to dig and balance.

I am thankful nobody has adopted our other kitten "Hanna" she had been thrown out of a car and had head trauma. her growth is stunted and even though Trivette is younger they are the same size. and after much hate towards one another they are friends. And I think the friendship with help his recovery.
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I know of a kitty at the shelter here who had his front leg amputated. It did cause him issues with balance & litterpans for while afterwards. He must still have a low-sided box or he cannot get in & he's a full grown cat now. He simply went potty & let the other kitties do the burying for him.
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I am glad the thread was useful. Pebbles had her back leg amputated so was fine with the tray, but I believe it takes them a bit longer if it is a front leg. I have seen cats with a front leg amputated, I am assuming they were fine with the tray.
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He has his surgery today. All went well and he is doing way better than I thought he was. We had him in his cage and when he woke up he just started wailing. It was heart breaking. He did eat a lil. and he is content to be on my moms lap. If he is in the cage he wails. Its going to be a long night.

He can walk though! waiting for a potty though.

lighting is bad. and he still looks. icky. He slept the whole way home ater his surgery.
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I hope he feels better and stops crying.
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What a trooper! Buster, Holly, and I send healing thoughts to Trivette. I hope she feels better soon.
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They always look so gruesome at first....but in 2 weeks time it'll look sooo much better. Sending lots of healing . How is Trivette adapting without the leg so far?
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Aww, bless him
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Bless you and your kitty.
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What a dear little thing. You are an angel to take such good care of him and his "sister". You have 2 special kitties that were sent to you apparently because someone up there knew you would take special care of them.
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awwies what a trooper!! he still looks adorable!!
wish him the best of luck while in recovery and good luck to you. sending you some good luck vibes
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Trivette is an inspiration. A true fighter. Today its like no other day. no cries. except if he is in his cage. he wants to be in my moms arms. or laying by the wood stove. He is playing and eating. he even tried to take on my dog to get her food. He was such a convincing 3 legged wonder ..that dog gave up the bowl to him.

Although he wants the freedome to run and play he has to be somewhat contained so he doesnt remove his stitches.

His Recovery is going way better than I thought. he is having very little balance issues.

When he first was waking up. he had me worried and I was second guessing my decision to have his leg done. Today I know it was the right thing.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
What a dear little thing. You are an angel to take such good care of him and his "sister". You have 2 special kitties that were sent to you apparently because someone up there knew you would take special care of them.
thanks. Animal rescue is very rewarding. And I would be lost without my babies. and If I didnt keep busy with them I would go insane.

So far no one serious has come foreward to adopt either of them. I dont just rehome them to anyone. So its never "quick" and I have had it take up to over 2 years b4 I find them homes. It just makes it all the harder to say goodbye.

And it scares alot of ppl away when you want to meet them b4 you decide. or you wants to talk to their neighbors and vet...


I think he has captured my moms heart sos time will tell.
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